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Watchdog Accuses Trump's NOAA of 'Choosing Extinction' for Critically Threatened Right Whales by Hiding Scientific Evidence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/watchdog-accuses-trumps-noaa-choosing-extinction-critically-threatened-right-whales


The Endangered Species Act is NOAA’s Ark. The Ark is sinking rapidly. So is the watchdog. The future of humankind is sinking with them. Every species, every subspecies, is intrinsically valuable. Death is merely the end of life (and the beginning of something new). Extinction is the end of birth.

"It is a century now since Darwin gave us the first glimpse of the origin of species. We know now what was unknown to all the preceding caravan of ­generations: that man is only a fellow-voyager with other creatures in the Odyssey of evolution, and that his captaincy of the adventuring ship conveys the power, but not necessarily the right, to discard at will among the crew. We should, in the century since Darwin, have achieved a sense of community with living things, and of wonder over the magnitude and duration of the ­biotic enterprise.

For one species to mourn the death of another is a new thing under the sun. The Cro-Magnon who slew the last mammoth thought only of steaks. The sportsman who shot the last [passenger] pigeon thought only of his prowess. The sailor who clubbed the last auk thought of nothing at all. But we, who have lost our [passenger] pigeons, mourn the loss. Had the funeral been ours, the [passenger] pigeons would hardly have mourned us. In this fact, rather than in Mr. Vandevar Bush’s bombs, or Mr. DuPont’s nylons, [might lie] objective evidence of our superiority over the beasts."
-Aldo Leopold, “On a Monument to the Pigeon”


Trump is Choosing Extinction for all of us along with all flora and fauna.


Don’t we get it yet. There is no push back on trump. He can be a lying asshole all day long every day and nobody can, or will do shit about it. Makes me feel helpless.


OMG, TRUMP IS AN IDIOT! One right whaIe is worth any number of Trump mindsets.

I wish we had more science taught in school----about how once that passenger pigeon was so prevaIent that they could bIock the sun when they few in mass. Martha, the last one died in a zoo in the 1930s. AmazingIy fast, humans have wiped out species… including the dodo. And that was back when sailors first came over America and the southern islands.
Of course, America almost wiped out the Eagle too------jeIIyfisn are impIoding and taking over in the oceans too. CoraI reefs are bIanching and as they die the sea Life dies too.

Weirdly Trump constantly screams about the Ieft in politics… maybe someone should teII him that it’s the RIGHT whaIe —maybe then he would think it was a republican and work to Iet them Live.


Too bad it’s not the Orange Stumbling Whale that’s going extinct.


The failure of education leads to such gross stupidity and arrogant selfishness we are witnessing from the cretin in the WH - the inability to even speak or understand, much less care about the Natural World or others…
Leaders of the past possessed a wide education that has been intentionally “downsized”.to create a population of wage/debt and interest slaves.

"“We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent upon its vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security and peace, preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and I will say the love we give our fragile craft. We cannot maintain it half-fortunate, half-miserable, and half-free in the liberation of resources undreamed of until this day. No craft, no crew can travel safely with such vast contradictions. On their resolution depends the survival of us all” – Adlai Stevenson, July 1965.


Agreed. Maybe we should change the name to the North American Right-wing Whale to get our government to give a shit about them.


Neither Donald Trump, nor his administration, care about PEOPLE, much less animals. Besides, countries which still “harvest” whales for “scientific purposes” and are members of the International Whaling Commission, still have whale meat end up in their public markets. Countries such as Japan, for example.

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This started long before Trump. You can always trace things back to JFK - before and after the take-out.

This quote from the article is simply misleading:

**Reports that appointees modified scientists’ warnings “raise troubling questions about whether political appointees at NOAA violated federal law and NOAA’s own Administrative Order on Scientific Integrity, which mandates that in ‘no circumstance may any NOAA official ask or direct Federal scientists or other NOAA employees to suppress or alter scientific findings,’” Democracy Forward said.

Come on - get a grip - look what happened to James Hansen at NASA.

The States have been politically anti-science since at least Reagan the astrologer.

As we already know from Genesis, “Man” was given dominion over the other animals; and that God planned the world explicitly for “Man’s” benefit; nothing in the physical world has any purpose except to serve “Man,” God’s “highest” creation. [“What’s the difference between God granting [man] dominion over every living thing and the U.S. military seeking full-spectrum dominance?”—Derrick Jensen]

We got the idea of species hierarchies and species dominance from our primate heritage propped up and perverted by anthropocentric Judeo-Christian doctrines. That if there are “alpha” male individuals in a group, then it would seem “logical” that there must be “alpha” species, with Western white man at the top.

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Absolutely! I know personally a Captain of a NOAA RESEARCH VESSEL…lets leave it at that.

Me too…+ angry!

Jellyfish are “blooming” like crazy & Coral reefs blanching & dying off, or same reasons. The warming of the oceans is doing both…& that’s just 2 we can easily see is now happening. Both of those things have many other repercussions on other ocean life ~ & ours! If you’ve ever been stung by even single tentacles of jellyfish, the pain is excrutiating! Beyond mere words! The thought that they could be so thick en masse as footage I’ve seen is downright scary! So thick were they that it was impossible for ANY creature to swim thru w/o touching, being stung! For many fish it is death. For humans can be death; or such pain that ya’ wish it were!
Know what the only thing in the ocean is that feeds on jellyfish, impervious to their deadly, painful sting? Only 1 thing that I know of & that is SEA TURTLES. We don’t have enuff sea turtles to keep exploding population of jelly fish in check! Everything affects something else (& on & on it goes) if you “connect the dots”.
Coral reefs take very, very long time to colonize & grow into being a reef! It’s a complex group of diferent sea critters taking hold & growing slowly. Strong, yet fragile, thry are. Coral reefs hide & protect many lives ~ best baby nursery ever! Plus numerous beautiful fish… & uniquely cool critters like, various types of seahorses, color-changing octopus love to hunt & hang out there. Moray eels do too. And 1 of the coolest, tiny little “tough guys” ~ the Mantis Shrimp! Small but mighty. Has fastest punch & hardest punch on earth, per his size! Punch speed compares to .22 caliber bullet! They are simply amazing little creatures! They punch human, it hurts! Can break smaller bones & can break glass with their punch. It really is impressive as all git out!
Now, wouldn’t it be so sad if they were all ‘gone’? If we could never see these unique & cool critters of the sea??!
We cannot undo the damage done, but we CAN prevent repeating it. We cannot refreeze the glaciers melting SO dang fast right now! And by the time some leaders get convinced that’s a problem, it will be way too late by then to try & mitigate effects. Real close to too late NOW or glaciers & Arctic ice sheets!
The oceans are full of wondrous things that we know little or nothing about ~ what a crying shame to lose them before we even know them!
I’m just sayin’…

Hi EcipsingSun:

What a piece of work is man—and how horrifying the results are now! : (
And I wonder too about the turtIes because they seem to be getting caught in pieces of plastic Iike a few sea turtles have been—in a spastic ring of death.
But on course of getting to the too hot side… Siberia is warm and getting warmer. I read once that there are arctic bees, very big things—I wonder what wiII become of them----or us—for that matter. : (

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