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Watchdog Calls on Authorities to Drop 'Absurd' Charges Against Journalists Covering Black Lives Matter Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/18/watchdog-calls-authorities-drop-absurd-charges-against-journalists-covering-black


“Department of Homeland Security issued internal legal guidance telling officers they would not be held liable for teargassing journalists as long as they weren’t directly targeted…”

This is one of the perks for police, Qualified Immunity brings to the table. It must end NOW.

“It’s high time for authorities to drop this pursuit, which is frivolous and wasteful.”

No it’s not frivolous at all, it’s a direct attack on the Constitution, and the public, to be informed about what our government is doing.
Knock it the hell off Nazi Storm troopers!!


Welcome to the military/police state and the cover-ups of their brutality, violence and killings; targeting everyone in their path regardless age, gender or involvement!
Neither party will stand-up to the police goon-squad violence just as they will not the MICC and war-machine!
The is a make-work jobs program in refugee separation and repression border ‘security’, protester Bortac crowd-control, for-profit prisons and local/state cops are designed to put to work soldiers in the same field they left, violence as a profession! Not a modern GI Bill for education and re-training for returning to civilian life non-violent jobs - those are not created - violence imported from foreign wars to practice brutal repression, racism and bigotry, and brutality on Americans is - citizen or not!


Here’s a blast from the circular past -

The [Philadelphia] Evening Bulletin, January 30, 1933

Hitler Selected as Chancellor in Divided Cabinet

Adolf Hitler today was named Chancellor of Germany and the Republic has entered upon an adventure whose ending cannot be foreseen.

Hitler, 43-year-old chief of the National Socialists or Nazis, is not dictator of Germany and insofar his dream has not come true.

Hitler Amazing in Action

It is obvious that the old Field Marshal [and President, Paul von Hindenburg] does not in the slightest degree intend to give Hitler a carte blanche or allow him to install Fascism and a permanent dictatorship of his Brown-shirts, if it can be prevented

The Cleveland Press, January 31, 1933

Herr Hitler

Appointment of Hitler as German chancellor may not be such a threat to world peace as it appears at first blush… In any event, it is important to remember that Hitler is a tool of the big industrialists, the Ruhr magnates, who have helped to finance his movement and furnished most of the brains for its leadership…

The Cleveland Press, March 24, 1933

Act Gives Hitler Absolute Power

NO REFERENDUM on laws and they will not need the approval of the Reichstag.

TREATIES in absolute control of dictator.

BORROWING power and budget making rests with cabinet without parliamentary approval.

LAWS proclaimed by the chancellor may deviate from the Constitution so long as they do not infringe upon the institutions of the Reichstag.

The Cleveland Press, March 24, 1933

Hitler, Facing Boycott, Hits 'Propaganda'

The Hitler government, confirmed yesterday as an absolute dictatorship for four years, turned its attention today to the twin problems of answering atrocity reports abroad and meeting threats…

An immediate answer to the atrocity reports came from the Hitlerite newspaper, Voelkischer Beobachter, which announced that the government would take drastic measures against newspapers disseminating such reports… The suggested action included exclusion of the newspapers from mail facilities in Germany…

Hermann Goering, Chancellor Adolph Hitler's chief aid, appealed to the press today for fairness in reports on conditions in Germany. He said foreign propaganda alleging atrocities on German Jews was more likely to harm them than help them."None of the stories really are true," he said. He admitted he saw two people very badly beaten, but added it was "for reasons which in the United States would have led to lynching". He said neither the Reich nor the Prussian government intended to pass discriminatory laws, and never would allow a person to be persecuted…



What courage these journalists have – and what horrible attacks on them –

Overall intended to discourage many of them from “getting in there” to actually
film what’s happening –

because they don’t want Americans to see what they’re doing.


Congress either has to put a stop to strong arm tactics with protesters, and save it for the destroyers of property, looting, and domestic vandalism.
OR: They need to pass laws that protect protesters. Allow gas masks and shields.
Armored vehicles. Sticks and batons for self defense.
This is not supposed to be about whether the government wins or loses, it’s about redress of civil rights, constitutional rights, and who uses lethal force in the end.


Great post. Thanks for the direct link from that time in history to today, and Goering’s quote,

“for reasons which in the United States would have led to lynching.”

What proof that they feathered their play book straight out of our slave trading and Jim Crow days.


Why do we need DHS (Department of Hog Shit)? This is how the Gestapo got started. Before 9-11 it didn’t exist.


“What proof that they feathered their play book straight out of our slave trading and Jim Crow days.”

  • ReconFire

    Additionally, I read that Hitler admired and emulated the US Gov’t treatment of Native Americans.
    I was curious to see how many parallels I could find between now, and right before Hitler went mad dog, in the papers of the time. I didnt expect to find so much, so fast. What’s going on now is why I have been paying attention all these years, something George Santayana said put me on the right track.


Law enforcement officers take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. They commit treason every time they attack a person exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! The free press is a cornerstone of our republic, now lost in a pile of fascist rubble. Goddess help us all, because the nazis now have the means to own and operate the world, bought and paid for with We the Peoples’ tax dollars.

“frivolous and wasteful.”

Supermarket checkout magazines are frivolous and wasteful
For attacking and arresting journalists covering the attacks on peaceful protesters, I’m thinking “corrupt and fascist”.