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Watchdog Demands Criminal Probe into Possible Insider Trading by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross


Watchdog Demands Criminal Probe into Possible Insider Trading by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Julia Conley, staff writer

A government watchdog is calling for a criminal investigation into Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross following revelations that he potentially engaged in insider trading, among other ethics violations regarding his holdings in Invesco, his investment management firm, and its assets.


He belongs to that OTHER part of the population where no crime goes unforgiven, sooooo…
…Nothing to see (or expect). Move along…


WTF! all these illegal actions and no accountability, prosecution, jail time. WTF is going on in this lawless oligarch ruled country.


Caught you, didn’t they Wilbur.


Unfortunately, P.B., getting caught and paying the price are two different things for the “haves”; the opposite, of course, is true for “We the Peons”.


CREW’s Bookbinder sez: “Secretary Ross’s actions reflect an apparently knowing and repeated disregard for his ethics obligations …”

Sec. Ross sez: “Ethics obligations?!? Son, I’ve got fiduciary obligations. Ain’t no time for that ethics crapola.”


Every Trump gang member is going to be busted on a crime before soon enough.


True, but the question is, will they ever be prosecuted. So far, nothing.


Unless you, me, and a few million of our neighbors and friends are willing to pick up a pitchfork and organize a large group of like minded citizens, then the class war is over and they won.

It was Friday night and I was watching Bill Maher and a guest tell me how a 3rd party vote is voting for repuglicans and in the next breath castigate the 105,000,000 who didn’t vote for either the douchebag or the shit sandwich. Or a 3rd party. All without any kind of aha! They actually called the democrats “opposition”! As if Obama himself didn’t offer up social security as a bargaining chip.

They say “with friends like that who needs enemies.” And that applies here.
Everyone who is still registered democrat needs to go out and change to Green, or farther left if you can find it. Send a message that they’re too business and rich people friendly with tax laws.

The 1% took our social security and fica excesses since 1986 and have been putting it in their bank accounts, and now it’s time to pay back those bonds (those pieces of IOU paper they put in to the log Box in exchange for taking the cash that we wouldn’t need or miss for a while. People unfairly dispairage Al Gore, but he told you the inconvenient truth about a lot of stuff, and it pissed y’all off. I’ll never understand that reaction. Was it that he was telling you something you didn’t wanna hear? Or was it that he might know more than you do and your pissed at him for that? Not you personally, I shouldn’t assume. Sorry.


How absurd does it have to get before something is done? Trump’s swamp almost immediately turned into a cesspool. And now is nothing more that a snake pit.
I blame part of this on chickenshit democrats that refuse to call out these bad actors. A lie should be called a lie, on the spot, giving no quarter. Press secretary Sanders should be assaulted for her misrepresentations on the spot.
Democrats can’t claim to have now grown a spine just because it is once again election season. G


What watch dogs? U mean current crooks? Congress and the rest of the rich all do insider trading. We get thrown in jail, they never do.


Wilbur Ross out of Deutsche Bank and Bank of Cyprus is Trump’s money laundering buddy. Have to be a criminal before Trump “selects” you.


If anyone in DOJ dares to investigate him, Trump will fire that person. Or, if he’s too busy tweeting or denouncing Democrats for his own plans to torture 3-year olds, and doesn’t notice in time, Wilbur will be pardoned.


You are right and the most of my friends and acquaintance don’t take time to listen and are rah rah USA, some even Trumpsters kind of. There semi comfortable and think it is not our problem or what can I do, nothing. I’ve marched but most friends don’t choose to join and there is at most one time 200 people. Complacence will be our downfall. So were screwed.

I’ve been an environmentalist since the late 60’s when progress was made and it has been torn to shreds now.


The position which Secretary Ross holds does make him privy to the “crown jewels” of secrets over which investors salivate. Imagine being able to capitalize on direct or indirect advance access to data on employment or inflation trends;you simply have negligible or no risk in making certain investments thereupon based. This billionaire runs large private investment firm. It is tantamount to a lottery commissioner being able to tamper with the results so as to guarantee the winning number. (Nice!)

The same goes for institutions such as the Federal Reserve heads being able to take advantage of advance knowledge of rises or decreases in the prime rate. Likewise, if FCC, FTC, or FDA chiefs have advance can effect or possess knowledge of decisions regarding corporate mergers and drug approvals, then they are in a most unique and favorable position to unscrupulously profit. Also, they can bestow upon their friends and associates the fruits of their knowledge.