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Watchdog Demands to Know If Drug Maker Sitting on Possible Covid-19 Treatment Due to Patent, Profit Concerns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/watchdog-demands-know-if-drug-maker-sitting-possible-covid-19-treatment-due-patent

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sigh-----in America at Ieast—it just seems normaI to NEVER trust the drugs companies—I read up on Vyoxx ( I’m not sure of the speIIing) but it appeared to have been used for around 7 years before it was puIIed from the market----AND, it kiIIed a Iot of peopIe!
I guess there aren’t many scientist / doctors Iike Dr. SaIk anymore—why is that?


Silly wabbit, the role of drug companies is to extract cash from the sick, cheap cures are doubly in opposition to their purpose. Somebody’s got to keep MSNBC funded, and you can’t do that with healthy people.

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Must be because of Trump, or the Russians, it certainly can’t be Democrats because they gave them a sweetheart deal during the first few months of the last Administration.

But really Professor Wolff explains it all, it’s because We have allowed profiteers to call all the shots in America, and sometimes People require common action that is not profitable in order to thrive.

You could ask Donald Rumsfeld, he of Abu Ghraib prison fame. He used to run Gilead:


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Check out Acyclovir, also marketed as Zovirax, which has been used for decades to safely treat cold sores, shingles and other herpes virus infections with few, if any, side effects.   It works similarly to Remdesivir, by interfering with the virus’ replication process, and may be effective against C-19 but SFAIK has not been tested (probably because the patent on Acyclovir expired in 1996; my latest refill of 100 tablets cost less than $5.00 . . . )

See ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aciclovir (<= delete the leading tilde.)

We already know something that works and which is safer than aspirin, but it costs pennies a dose, so it’s been attacked relentlessly. Here is a summary of all studies on HCQ & CV19:

Ivermectin is also looking good. That also costs about nothing, so it’ll go nowhere.

Both are being used all over the world - except here. And France, where Gilead (Remdesivir) is based.

“It is sadly predictable that Big Pharma responds to a global pandemic by trying to bring to market only those drugs that maximize its profits,”

It is not just Big Pharma. It is the entire capitalist system. It is anti-Life with only the logic of insatiable greed and monetary profit.

We see the barbarism–time for eco-socialism.

To get a sense of how to fight and the sacrifice it will take read Paul Robeson, Here I Stand.


The wider picture is put here


You bring the tar, I’ll bring the feathers . . .