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Watchdog Group Files FEC Complaint Against DeJoy for 'Orchestrating an Illegal Straw Donor Scheme to Help Elect Republicans'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/12/watchdog-group-files-fec-complaint-against-dejoy-orchestrating-illegal-straw-donor

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Well let me be the first to say, what a disgusting piece of political garbage you are Mr. DeJoy.


There is no JOY in MaiI -viIIe----DeJoy has struck out. He had some runs and Iots of hits----but now-----he has struck out. I wonder how he cheats with his private maiI investments. This could be very interesting for us—and expensive for him!

Didn’t catch the typo on the photo the first time – Honor BALE… DeJoy. Prison is waiting.

And, I see that I am not spelling so well this evening myself… Sounds right though. No Honor… No BAIL!