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Watchdog Group Lays Out Case for William Barr's Impeachment Ahead of Testimony Before Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/watchdog-group-lays-out-case-william-barrs-impeachment-ahead-testimony-congress


Being overqualified for impeachment, Barr has set the bar for brazen hutzpah in-your-face abuse of government. That being said, impeachment is a political tool and now, so close to the election, is not the right time for it, as it may distract from just letting Trump’s incompetence and outright mean-spiritedness shine through the land. Barr’s malfeasance should be called out and publicly discussed, but I don’t think impeachment before the election would be a good maneuver. Pig roast on 4 November would be OK by me, though.


Wouldn’t this have been more beneficial to the country if it had been undertaken a couple years ago when Barr first started to show his spots?


Wise – agree –

Even if Pelosi would go for it, who in GOP would vote for it?

Any member of Congress who let this guy thru is suspect for ousting


I think that’s why we need to start impeachment proceedings now, if for no other reason to draw a line, in the Democratic Party.
Sometimes you have to turn on the kitchen lights to see how many cockroaches you’ve got. The democrats need to find out now, because after November 3, things like “impeachment” will be off the table. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer will be calling not for punishment, but reconciliation. Look forward not backward, just like their hero Obama.


Just like Obama’s most glaring mistake, letting the Bush war criminals walk, not impeaching Trump and his cronies again, before November, would be an open invitation for every future POTUS and AG to be even more corrupt that Donny and Bil Barr.
Examples must be made. But we already know they won’t be, eh?


“An impeachment inquiry is the only way to put an end to the dangerous path we are on.” Wrong. An actual real revolt would do it better. Political theater almost never accomplishes anything for the 99%. Just like the last “impeachment”.

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Not a mistake my friend, Obama knew he had no choice because Obama knew the only reason he was selected for POTUS was he had been selected as the next war criminal.


Wouldn’t republicans like to see this kind of overreach from the democrats? Of course not, they would be off their nut, having committee hearings one after the other
Democratic politicians have set the table for more of the same, over and over. The wimps are getting bowled over, and they deserve it. Everyone on the left gets to go down with them.


I think Obama did not pursue indicting Bush and Co. as war criminals because he was the first African American president in our history and came into office under severe opposition and resentment by many whites. RW Talk Radio was dripping with hatred and innuendo. Had Obama started his presidency by indicting Bush and Cheney, the shit would have hit the fan and he wouldn’t have been able to govern like he did. And NO, he was not a war criminal by any stretch of imagination like faux “president” Cheney.

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Right response, it’s time to get serious and to do things that brings business as usual to a halt.

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I say, let country have a huge “Impeachment Party” slated to culminate just before Election Day, with Barr, Trump, and Pence all being the ones whose abuses of power are being showcased for the American People to see.

As an added bonus, a special committee formed solely to concentrate on how their power is being misused to disenfranchised voters will be collecting evidence for Trump’s trial.

A bubble for above Barr’s photo here.
“Oh Mr. president, careful, don’t slip on that greasy cheeseburger rapper on the floor.”

Obama from my perspective, would have been assassinated!

And unfortunately, his aversion to chasing down war criminals defined his entire presidency. Obama managed to be president for 8 years and never once stuck his nose in to a fight, never got his knuckles bloody.
And to this day, that is Obama’s legacy. He didn’t care enough about America to fight for it.

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Bye-Done & Schemer stayed in the background in '09, but P’Loser was complicit in O’Bummer’s failure to prosecute either the War Criminals or the Banksters.  There’s no doubt whatsoever that if she hasn’t passed away from senility or C-19 by next year that she will be doing whatever she can to keep Tweetle-Dumb and his henchpeople from being held accountable for ANY of their misdeeds.

Yes I agree, AND WELL SAID. To me, Obama AS POTUS…was the epitome of an UNCLE TOM

Speaking of cockroaches . . .

        La Cucaracha, El Pinche Moro,   Es Verdad Es Un Raton
        Con Guillermo Barr Y Giuliani   CommitĂ© Gran Traicion!

He was under open hostility from the right, starting with birth certificate nonsense, and then the chamber “You lie” out loud retort. Respect was going to be hard to get from some.
I suppose today’s hearing will be rife with “I don’t recall’s.”

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Thank you, Shantiananda, for a bit of truth and wisdom amid this farrago of partisanship.

I don’t like Drumpf either, but neither do I like Alzheimer Joe, nor the arrays of R2P fascists behind him, itching to get back into power, with the CIA leading the way.

Barr, as a Republican, has a great many skeletons in his closet. Which is why the Democratic criminals, who seem to fear him so, actually have nothing to worry about. The crimes they fear him exposing, and taking action on, will be swept under the rug, since they constitute partisan business as usual in DC and greatly resemble many past Republican crimes of illegal procedure and obstructionism.

They don’t call it a swamp for nothing.

Vote third party, or it will never end. Anyone. Bob Avakian was an old fave of mine.