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Watchdog Group: New Evidence US Cluster Bombs Used in Yemen


Watchdog Group: New Evidence US Cluster Bombs Used in Yemen

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A human rights watchdog said Wednesday it has fresh evidence the Saudi-led coalition used U.S. cluster bombs, resulting in the deaths of dozens of civilians in Yemen.


Cluster bombs are indiscriminate weapons targeting children who pick them up to play with and are killed or their limbs blown off and maimed. The criminality and inhumanity of Obama's war machine administration is an ongoing atrocity, an administration supporting conflict and death - war is more profitable apparently than peace......

The US under the contemptible Obama admn, Saudi Arabia and Israel are perfect war criminals together........none has signed the international ban on cluster munitions.

In addition to supporting Saudi war crimes in Yemen, we also provide cover (and much else) to our "special ally", Israel, that fired over a million cluster bombs into south Lebanon at the end of the last hostilities - fired AFTER a cease-fire deal was signed, clearly to punish, kill and maim - another criminal and inhumane state with contempt for the lives of all others. Many other indiscriminate weapons/munitions are used against civilian populations by israel; White Phosphorus, fletchet weapons and cluster munitions among others. These are our allies?





The Pentagon only recently released its latest updated rules of war manual which issued to all troops and officers.

It seems the use oif cluster munitios , Nuclear weapons including DU munitions and atomic bombs ,chemical weapons such as agent Orange and napalm as all legal under the rules of war.

It also states that the killing of civilians , various acts against prisoners once considered torture , and the targeting of journalists for assassination as allowed under their rules of war.

Welcome to the yet more civilized 21st century.


To what end, all of this insanity-
How any person directly involved in any of this can look themselves in A mirror with anything but self disgust is beyond me- But we are all, as human inhabitants of this planet, "indirectly" involved-
Just as Che Guevara said to an American visiting student who apologized for being American-
"Don't you dare apologize, YOU are the lucky one, you live in the belly of the beast"- And by saying this he was in envy that American Citizens had an advantage to change our Governments direction by being in the belly of this beast...


Nicholas = TROLL