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Watchdog Groups Demand Probe Into 'Voter Suppression Tactics' by Postal Service Chief—and Major Trump Donor—Louis DeJoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/watchdog-groups-demand-probe-voter-suppression-tactics-postal-service-chief-and



22% of Mail-In Votes Never Get Counted

Jim Crow is Hiding in the Mailbox


A much better idea is to kill,completely, the D.H.S., and put it’s entire budget to the USPS!


What can we expect from new head of USPS ~ a man who has never carried/delivered mail in his life!? He is great example of why ‘big $$$ donors’ have no business being appointed to gov’t positions unless qualified to do the job! And, when it comes to USPS, think about HOW huge the job & logistics of getting our mail to each & every 1 of us! NOT a job for a novice!
Where the hell are those in GOP who should be overseeing this crap Trump does? Talk about a novice!


The POTUS and his party determine if those “appointed to gov’t positions are qualified to do the job”.

During the past half century the GOP achievements have been limited to dismantling what those who came before them constructed, with the exception of their endless expansion of tax cuts and corporate welfare, especially for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC). All of Trump’s appointees are therefore qualified to advance the GOP mission.


That needs some clarification . The vast majority of that 22% are ballots that were incorrectly filled out and or not signed and arrived after the deadline even if postmarked prior to election day.
To avoid this ,do NOT mail in your mail in ballot especially now since Trumps new postmaster general is being accused of “ slowing” the mail.
Alternative- fill out your mail in ballot and hand deliver to the county auditors office . there should be a box available to deposit your ballot .
Make sure you photograph or video the name and number on the
ballot and video record dropping it into the box . That way if the county claims they never received it , you have proof.


I think that’s a brilliant idea. But will it be done? Isn’t it true that many Dems also support DHS? I also find it both funny and ironic that a Republican President, Geroge W. Bush (a party that claims to support small government), created this behemoth agency (which had temporary benefit, if at all during the 9/11 crisis). It should have been disbanded long ago. What a waste of money. On the other hand, the USPS has been the pride of the country from as far back as we can remember. This agency should be given priority over the DHS.


The GOP seems to be full of boot-licking political hacks, since Trump seems to be able to find one whenever he wants, and to serve in any capacity he wants. DeJoy is the latest Trump joker in a long line of jokers ala Ross, Mnuchin, Wolf, et al. These guys make Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions seem normal by contrast. Wow!


Photographing your ballot is illegal in some places. Careful.

What ever the reason almost a quarter of mail-ins are no good. Bet that number will be significantly higher this time.

“Photographing your ballot is illegal in some places” ? Hmm.
Ok, then photograph the actual ballot at home and only video you dropping the sealed envelope in the box at the county office .
From my scant research almost ALL of that 25% invalided ballots are from improperly filled out ballots and or not signing and the rest because they arrived too late to be counted . Since one is hand delivering , you have eliminated the possibility of it being late .
FYI i did this for years without a problem , i’m not talking theory here.


The warning at the end of the tweet is a reference to something the singer learned the hard way. Timberlake flew from California to Memphis, his hometown, to vote early in the 2016 presidential elections, and unwittingly became a case study in how ballot selfies, while popular, aren’t always, well, legal. Timberlake, standing in the voting booth at the time, took a selfie, with his ballot visible. The now-deleted Instagram post encouraged his followers to vote, but not before going viral, powered by fans who were worried the photo might get Timberlake in legal trouble (it didn’t).

In Tennessee, taking photos or videos in a polling location is against the law. It’s one of the many states where, according[ to a recent CNN analysis, various laws prohibit ballot selfies like Timberlake’s.

I really worry for this nation after the ‘election’. No matter who gets more votes (legally or illegally) the other side will not accept it as a legitimate election. If Trump is declared the winner, the Democrats will not accept it; if on the other hand, Biden wins,Trump supporters (still a sizable group) won’t accept it.

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Agree, We are at the crossroads.
What happens next is ANYBODY’S guess.
pure guess
In any direction, it won’t be pretty
But remember Gore and the pussy Dinocrats in 2000? They surendered, and capitulated - “For the good of the country”. Never see the Fascists do that


Drumpf and the GOP know they will not win unless they suppress the vote.

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Add to this the fact that the USPS has now decided to accept the $10B in “Loan Guarantees”. The same “loan” that was REJECTED by the former PMG. The same “loan” that gives Fish Lips Mnuchin’s Treasury a say in how the USPS is run. The fraud of having a former contract firm - boy do they know how to rip the system off in the first place - CEO and a member of trump’s cabinet as the PMG is a disaster in the making. RIGHT NOW, Insane clown trump and his cabal are destroying the Postal Service as another means of ensuring “victory.”