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Watchdog Raises Alarm About 'New Normal' as Hundreds of Journalists Worldwide Jailed for Doing Their Jobs

Watchdog Raises Alarm About 'New Normal' as Hundreds of Journalists Worldwide Jailed for Doing Their Jobs

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

For the third consecutive year, the Committee to Project Journalists (CPJ) has documented at least 251 cases of reporters across the globe being jailed for doing their jobs, with more than half imprisoned in Turkey, China, and Egypt after being accused of "anti-governmental activities."


just got this response in a julian assange discussion.

christmas vigil for JA on Dec. 16/18 at the embassy.

i thanked him and said, " i’ll be there! in spirit, anyway L♥VE"


I looked at the linked article and there nothing I can see on Julian Assange. They also mention in it that in the USA “no Journalists are in jail”.

Ok here is where I have a problem with the report.

Journalists are listed as being imprisoned in a number of Countries from Egypt to Turkey and from China to Myanmar. Most of these in prison for “anti-government” activities.

I am going to suggest that if one has a media that is supportive of the Government and its policies and that acts merely as stenographers and salespeople to promote Government Policy , which is EXACTLY what the Corporate Press in the USA is, there are going to be less of them imprisoned.

The Corporate media in the USA and in much of the Western World is doing what it sees as ITS job and that reporting on what the Corporations that own the Government want them to report on. If these so called Journalists in the Western Media had the courage likes those Journalists in China and Egypt , many of them would end up behind bars , running their cars into trees , or committing suicide by shooting themselves in the head twice.


What happened to the days when the “Press Pass” was a golden ticket to anywhere, anytime? We are headed quickly for the fascist exit sign if the rights to free press are not restored soon. And people like Trump have to be scorned for their behavior.

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Governments that serve capital growth to infinity on a finite planet do so with guns and jails.

Information limited to that approved by central command and control headquarters is insufficient to prop up military empires large and small.

China is a slightly different case in that corporate empires attempted to chop it up and opium was used by corporations to steel wealth. Now China has survived and will show us if it is just another capitalist oligarchy.

Good that most WWII veterans are dead and not being subjected to witnessing today’s rapid advancement of global fascism that they fought so valiantly to eliminate.

I keep thinking that empire is about simply winning. Winning as a driving force, perhaps a mental condition of want or avarice. And wealth may not be the main incentive, but more of a coverup for the militaristic tactics used to get workers to do your bidding, law makers to give you tax relief, and camouflage for sick ambition.

i think it was in the late 80s or 90s i saw a sunday evening news exposé revealing that scientists, engineers who knows what else, who were on the watch list to face charges in nuremberg were instead given new identities and government jobs right here in the “good” ole us of a wow! on monday i expected to hear angry shouts from all those who thought they had defeated not created a safe haven for nazi criminals.

but, i guess they didn’t mind.

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That moving of War Criminals to the USA was called operation paperclip and it started almost as soon as the war ended.

They did the same In Japan. The Japanese had a Unit called Unit 731. This group performed some of the sickest experiments on record on Prisoners and Chinese Civilians.

The USA cut a deal with these guys promising not to try any with war crimes, as long as they shared their findings with the USA and helped the USA in further experiments, The only ones that were put on trial for war crimes were ones the Russians captured in Manchuria.

The USA even paid the members of unit 731 money for their research data.

This not the end of it. After the War the Japanese troops that were stationed in places like Korea, China and Vietnam were to be disarmed. The US Military allowed them to keep their arms and sent them on joint patrols with US troops to hunt down and “kill Communists” Many American troops were aware that in China as example, the Chinese Communists would rescue US fliers that crashed there and return them to US Authorities. The US Military stopped these joint patrols only when US troops began to refuse orders to go on those missions.

None of this is stuff the US Media will ever report on.


The neo-liberal/neo-cons who control virtually everything in the world cannot possibly stay in power now that the general population is becoming aware of how they make their money. All they can do is hold on as long as they can by any means possible. Suppression of the news has never been more difficult, and the tactics will become more and more brutal.

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Yes. I’ve heard it said that fascists prefer to rule by fraud when possible, but will gladly turn to force when fraud no longer works. The recent stacking of our courts with Federalist Society-approved judges is particularly troubling in this context.

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We saw how quickly the Dems confirmed Trumps court appointments. They want regressive autocrat judges just as much as Trump does — this is the kind of “bipartisan cooperation” the Dems are promoting now. They don’t want justice from the courts: They want protection from the masses.

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Consortium News also has one every Friday night online. This last week’s featured Dan Ellsberg, John Kirakou, Ray McGovern, and some other interesting people.

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. . . and caitland johnstome!

““When you find yourself supporting conflicting principles, it’s a sure sign that you were never guided by principle to begin with.”—Caitland Johnstone”

Yes! .

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