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Watchdog Sounds Alarm Over Regulatory Capture as New Reporting Shows Nuclear Plants Unprepared for Climate Crisis

Watchdog Sounds Alarm Over Regulatory Capture as New Reporting Shows Nuclear Plants Unprepared for Climate Crisis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New reporting highlights how the nation's nuclear power plants are woefully unprepared to handle the growing impacts of the climate crisis.

Despite that threat, says a watchdog, the industry's regulatory capture means its interests are set to continue to take precedence over public health and safety.

Plus the increasing risk in a Global Warming world of higher temperatures causing the rivers that normally cool many reactors to be too warm to be able to do so adequately.

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I have read concerns that in the event of socioeconomic breakdown, nuclear plants that are not carefully shut down could create a catastrophic risk because their fuel rods remain dangerous for probably generations and could explode if not kept cool with artificial power that might be unavailable in such a crisis. Breakdown is becoming inevitable due to the same kind of inability to regulate the mindlessly self-interested corporate machine. I wonder if they even have a protocol for mothballing plants in the event of some such collapse–or is the safety of the region around each one dependent on the continuation of BAU over the next century? I don’t understand these matters well, but this report is not encouraging.


We are not ready…these things will go POP and what is left will glow in the dark for countless years. Global warming, climate change, the 6th extinction and nuke-pukes, what a combo to pick-up going through the drive-thru. This is a global problem, duh, goes without saying, maybe?

For the first three months, spent fuel produces enough decay heat to decompose itself if it loses water cooling. By about four months, heat production will have fallen to levels where you would need to add some form of insulation to get the fuel hot enough to melt.

Just as a reminder, there are 100 nuclear reactors in the US - each one requires one
solid year to shut down – and we are then still left with the WASTE.

Internationally there are 500 nuclear reactors which need to be shut down as Global
Warming will increasing bring increasing events of floods/droughts, cyclones, tornadoes,
changes in wind system, increasing Gulf Steam events – and of course earthquakes
because the melting of the glaciers changes the pressures on the tectonic plates.

All of these nuclear power plants are built on waterways – because they require millions
of gallons of water every minute to cool the reactor. For example, two of these nuclear
reactors are built on Lake Erie in Ohio – a source of drinking water for its citizens.

Here in NJ, residents are now going to be bailing out these financially failing companies
with increases in our Electric bills – as just decided by one of the Courts in NJ>

The WASTE continues to be an open question – as it has a long life which is dangerously
poisonous to all living things.

Fukushima is of course an example of what can happen – and there were warnings by
Japanese scientists that they should be shut down as seismic studies showed increasing
likelihood of earthquakes on this earthquake prone island. The government heeded the
warnings of the scientists and planned to shut these reactors down 5 or 6 years before
Fukushima event. However, on learning of this the W Bush administration sent US
representatives to Fukushima and when they left, the reactors were still operating – but
the government had been changed.

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