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Watchdog Warns Unchecked Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps Threaten Workers With 'Dystopian Mass Surveillance'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/watchdog-warns-unchecked-covid-19-contact-tracing-apps-threaten-workers-dystopian

It’s not getting better mr. trump. Like someone said, (the Titanic is sinking and trump is telling the band what songs to play).

A general info comment. I have an upcoming pulmonary test at the VA.
In order for me to get this test I first have to go in for a covid swab test, my first time being tested.
Then a 72 hour quarantine. All VA clinics I know of are extremely vigilant and all precautions are required.

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Best of good wishes for your improved health.

Where you live and the industries and agriculture in your
area do contribute to difficult breathing on some days.

Asthma infecting children in south Chicago due to a few steel mills
and power plants are an example.

Thank you for best wishes.
The environmental conditions don’t help, especially when an administration makes things worse instead of better.
We are trying address a crazy heart that thinks ventricles are for flapping around.
Headed for an AV node ablation I guess. Already have state-of-the-art pacemaker so we will tweak that a bit. Good health to all.

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Its physically impossible for the technology to have the accuracy that would be required, so say its makers. So they should give this scheme up. I could give you a long technical explanation but basically the accuracy is not available indoors because RF rapidly loses power and bounces around inside buildings making signals weak and unpredictable.

Contact tracing also really is only needed indoors because peopole outdoors almost never get infected.

Indoors however the risk is high in any closed space, unless its quite aggressively ventilated, which means that heating and cooling costs will be higher so some cheap employers dont want to do it.

When asked Bluetooth inventors - the low power interconnect technology used to provide services like “hands free” mirophones and earphones to cell phones, specifically Bluetooth Low Energy, a subset of the functionality, even the newest ones cannot be located in 3D space with ajn adequate level of precision. What we should be focusing on is improving ventilation.

Engineers keep getting asked this and many have been though it over and over again and they are fairly of one voice in telling regulators that it is a very very dumb idea to mistakenly assume that cell phones, even the newest cell phones could do it. RF energy bounces around a very very great deal so for all practical terms its unpredictable in certain kinds of environments. Particularly comfined spaces with metal objects in the walls or vehicles.

They want this for surveillance, not public safety…

Like with many other infrastructure projects, ventilation engineering is likely better in most industrialized nations. As you say, some building owners are just too cheap, health be damned.

Energy will cost >three times as much so people will likely have to wear coats at work or at home in the winter and swelter in a pool of sweat in the summer. And now with COVID 19, even though the cost increase was delayed, it will come - the next cold winter or when the economy picks back up, people will lose home by the millions. Millions of good tenants, renters being able to stay in cheap apartments without harassment is one benefit of a slow economy nobody ever talks about.

Because incomes relative to COL will have plummeted. automations rapid rise is a wet dream for the ruling class, something they have been expecting as their entitlement - the bounty caused by automation making the remaining jobs pay less, something some wealthy people seem to have discussed with even thror children since I was a kid.

they certainly had class consciousness. Even as children. Americans seem to take a certain level of equality as given but that assumption maybe is not a wise one, because we’re under attack in a coordinated manner and our egalitarian point of view is mking us blind to whats being done to us, at least it seems that way here. Especially with important things like healthcare.

I strongly suspect that most of the media is fake. It turned out to be that way in Western Europe, with most of the so called progressive media actually having connections to (US) intelligence agencies so - fake.

So its not democracy, its fake something but its not democracy. Its staged.

Good we are lucky to still have them.

If they have any receptive folks who want to know the why of why they are under attack, point them to this essay. I wish more people would read this. Read the footnotes, especilly which have some important info on Social Security.


Take resveratrol - a good amount of it, its also good for your heart over time. I also say that because the chance of it, a stilbene, and powerfully inhibitory to the replication of the two closest known SARS causing coronaviridae…

being able to act as pre-exposure prophylaxis seems fairly high to me. Look at what has been done with piglets and pseudorabies virus - a similar situation, note that RESV penetrated the BBB and prevents PRV mortality well, even in very low doses. It may not prevent it completely at those low doses but it did prevent it from killing the piglents completely. (a frequent outcome of PRV in piglets) RESV prevents a lot of viruses from being able to multiply. A lot.

Neuroinvasive aspect of COVID-19 is why people seem to be improving - but then their respiration stops due to neural infection unexpectedly. It infects the nucleus in the brain stem that makes respiration automatic. That kills a lot of people.

Crack your windows at home.
Allow fresh air in, even with air conditioning on and fan moving air.

Call it ‘make up air’.
And the sealed up building for efficiency cause health problems.
The Thompson Building is the state of Illinois in downtown Chicago is one of these to utilize an ice bank in the lowest basement to provide cooling.

Industry darn well knows it is imperative to have clean air around each worker. Bad air = high health costs, lost time, disability, ticked off worker, absenteeism.
Has had to evacuate a floor from time to time due to dizziness, headaches, nausea.