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Watchdogs Reveal Chamber of Commerce 'Blowing Smoke' for Big Tobacco


Watchdogs Reveal Chamber of Commerce 'Blowing Smoke' for Big Tobacco

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A new report sheds light on the shadowy and coordinated efforts of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the tobacco industry to use intimidation, pressure, and lies to tear down life-save public health protections around the world.


Ah Hell, why not cut to the chase and label tobacco the same way as marijuana was and have done with the noxious weed. As a ex long time smoker I gave it up too late and have poor respiratory function because of it. Using the junk does not speak well for my or any smoker’s intelligence. AS for the US chamber of Commerce they are pure undiluted evil incarnate with no moral value.


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The “war on tobacco” by a nation that is destroying itself and the planet with its addiction to oil is a ludicrous distraction.


Same with those who choose to drive or to live in urban areas. The most carcinogenic type of smoke is the kind that contains soot and oil particles – from burning fossil fuels, not from burning dried plant leaves. Few smoke, most use motor vehicles. Private ownership of motor vehicles virtually defines America’s middle class today. In this long era of class war (middle class vs. the poor), those who use public transportation run the risk of being considered one of the (despised) poor. Of course, with the world’s nations increasingly relying on nuclear power for energy and war, I don’t think that targeting the few who smoke is exactly a sign of intelligence.

Incidentally, I’ve lived outside of the big cities all my life. From out here, we can spot large cities that are 50 miles or more from here by the yellowish-gray dome of traffic smoke over those cities. Millions of Americans breathe in this carcinogenic sludge every day of their lives. It takes a lack of intelligence to deal with transportation the way we do.


‘Thank you for not smoking’, read the book watch the movie, nothing has changed. Just the inevitable and progressive apathy that goes along with competing interests and the consumer voting franchise. Nothing will change as long as Big tabacco is a regulated and excisable substance to wit within the federal reserves domain and interests to maintain open access to its revenue generating benefits with employment and health related derivatives… Consumers are not part of the process , they are the product. Revenue from this is an assured state interest that is not going to diminish anytime soon. Unregulated or not stuff that you could grow on your doorstep poses a real problem, it is still deemed illegal to do so and will attract the interest of your local legal fraternity who may deem a cut in the proceeds are in order. This is never going to be an easy ride for consumers.


I’m a 62 year old unemployed man who begins receiving Social Security in a few months. I live in a relatively quiet suburb in Orange County, California. It’s a lot less quiet now than when I moved here in the early nineties.

I’m taking my s.s. upon eligibility even though it is recommended to wait until much later in order to receive bigger slices of the pie. I ain’t waitin’ any longer, because I’ve got a picture in my mind of an exploding pie.

I enjoy reading these comment threads while I’m having breakfast after coming back from my early-morning walk around the neighborhood beneath a refreshing marine layer before the full ugliness of the rat race is revealed.

I recently heard Mike Malloy on his program reading a Dhar Jamail interview with Guy McPherson. I had already read that piece, but Mike has a way of nailing things together and driving it all home, doesn’t he?

I’ve been following the stories of looming extinction for a few years now. I believe it’s a real possibility, and as Mike expresses: what can one say?

While walking about at dawn I apologize to the birds for befouling their element with the gases of my gluttony.

I apologize to my cats for despoiling their planet and bringing their kind, and mine, to the very edge of time.

And then I apologize to myself for the slow suicide imposed by years of smoking and drinking. I did finally quit these habits in a quest for health, and as a silent protest against the ruthlessly addictive chicanery of capitalism. (It’s easier to quit smoking when you can convince yourself you’re being murdered).