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Watching a Dark Debate From the City of Light


Watching a Dark Debate From the City of Light

Michael Winship

PARIS – If I believed there ever was any chance of escaping the US election by running away to France for a week of business meetings and a little off time, all hope was dashed the moment we stepped into a cab at Charles de Gaulle Airport and the driver immediately started grilling us about Donald Trump.


"To constantly charge, as he has, that the election will be rigged – with no real evidence to back up his allegations – is a danger to our democracy and the words of a thug rather than a potential president."

What more real evidence that the election(s) is rigged than having billionaires be and buy the candidates?


The media was gloating about the billionaires whom Clinton provided tickets to attend the debate.


The election is rigged, global warming is a hoax, birther, etc, Alex Jones fan. Campaign run by former editor of Breitbart. What a resume to be running for president.


Well, folks, here's the sad truth:
1. Rethuglicans have rigged much of the voting by their continual assault on voting
rights via gerrymandering,

  1. And by floating the lie that voters, especially the most vul-nerable by reason of poverty, race, or education cause voter fraud.

  2. Shillery and her corrupt DNC cohorts, rigged oh-s0-many of the primaries that she "won", despite the fact that people overwhelmingly supported and voted for or TRIED
    TO VOTE FOR--Bernie


The author misses the point. The allegation that electronic voting machines are hacked and pre-programmed by both parties to produce the desired result - remember that there is no paper record in many states and districts - has been proven and written about since GW Bush pushed the machines on the country. The only thing that matters is who counts the votes. There are over 100 books on election theft available in book stores. The author should read them. Trump's charge is NO danger to "our democracy" - it is only a danger to the oligarchs, our unelected masters.


It must be lovely sitting in Paris pontificating about the election. Elitist get to do that. You are not well informed. The election is and has been rigged. Just look at what happened to Bernie and Jill Stein. Even Bernie said it was rigged! Have you not seen the Clinton Campaign's video on how they are stealing the election? Google Veritas and have a look. The Clintons and the DNC are corrupt and disgusting. I will vote for Jill Strin but would rather have Trump win than Hillary.


So Hillary Clinton survived Donald Trump. I just wonder how the Rest Of The World is going to survive Hillary Clinton.

As for Orange Roughy; a nice-tasting fish with a very slow reproductive rate, fished to near-extinction. What's that got to do with Donald Trump?


The name Bev Harris comes to mind when the idea of rigged voting comes up, She is the one I recall first began to make public the chicanery in the electronic voting systems with their proprietary software.

Haven't heard from her in a long time but the ideas remain.


I would be interested to know the opinions just how the people Mr Winship wasn't hanging out with. To insinuate that the crowd one is with is the only view of the world worth reporting on is absurd.

Counter Punch has a radio program that features Mark Crispin Miller on the topic of the press and how it affects the views of the public, including vote rigging, including the so-called alternative media. Miller quotes William Shirer's comments on the state of the press in Berlin in the 1930's. The program is well worth listening to.


Exactly. The author must read only mainstream media, because he has no clue about all the horrendous vote rigging of primaries by DNC. I supported Bernie Sanders, and watched as the vote tallies made no sense, with exit poll error margins of 43% in NY state - shouldn't be more than 2%! This happened in many states. The author has no business writing this article, as he is one of the least informed people I've come across.
And to accuse any party of vote rigging - well, a true American would question anything suspicious and SHOULD - it's called protecting our democracy. It's our duty to call attention to corruption in govt.


Trump had virtually ensured a Dem Party victory in 2016, until Dems -- maintaining their tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory -- picked Clinton.

Clinton's long record of support for military aggression should have been enough to keep her off the Dem ticket. Times have changed, and this seems to have had no impact. On the most basic level, years of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the "masses" -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. Bill Clinton, of course, split this base wide apart. The years of this administration confirmed that the split is permanent. Then Democrats picked the most anti-poor, anti-New Deal candidate available.

Take it one step further: Many noticed that after Bill Clinton ended actual welfare, he took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security, targeting the disabled. There are no doubts that HC hopes to pick up where here husband left off. Can Democrats win after so deeply alienating so much of their own voting base?