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Watching Labor History in Real Time


Watching Labor History in Real Time

Russell Mokhiber

I love West Virginia.I love the people, the mountains, and the history of a people not dependent on the corporate state. Yes, Virginia—there is a history of West Virginia not dependent on the corporate state.

The early northern European settlers here were self-sufficient agrarians— hunting, fishing, foraging, farming, and making their own rye whiskey for drinking and for currency—before they were seduced by wine-sipping East Coast elites into becoming wage slaves to the timber and coal corporations.


Sad to hear that Joe Manchin has replaced Robert Byrd as “West Virginia’s best known politicial figure”.


WVA people have been bamboozled since the coal strikes in the 30’s 40’s. These teachers have shown the country to get what you want YOU MUST wild cat strike…its the only way to get their attention. Democrat and Republican legislators work against the working class cuz their donors are the 1%.


Hopefully these strikes will spread, and include more occupations and professions. It is the working peoples only asset: Withholding Labor/Withholding Consent.