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Watching Republicans Flail is not a Strategy


Watching Republicans Flail is not a Strategy

Ruth Conniff

It’s pretty amazing to watch the disaster unfolding in the Republican Party on both the home front and the national stage. Scott Walker, the “unintimidated” governor, has returned from the triumphant launch of his presidential campaign with his tail between his legs, House Speaker John Boehner is departing in a river of tears, and the Republicans are scrambling to figure out how to fire Donald Trump, their frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race, before he blows up any chance the party has to win the White House.


The bobble head T&A (twitter and ad$) version of political discourse designed to so aggravate in hopes that the fascism behind all of it, in all its obscenities, might appear when its all said and done in Nov. 2016, desirable. Yes friends - taaadaa... the "right" side of the long awaited outcomes of Citizens United.

DonkeyHotey ... keep tilting

As one wag once put it - you can't taper a ponzi scheme


The financial "wealth" of the 0.01% is entirely based upon the labor of the rest. It is extracted via interest, crony "capitalism", quantitative easing, and a variety of other things that add no real wealth to society. This "suck it upward" economic model has prevented the maintenance and re-imagination of the nation's infrastructure. I don't know where Sen. Warren could be of the most use, but I certainly hope that she finds her place. The country desperately needs her caring and cautious eyes.

(And these Republicans can go to hell for being such children in such serious times.)


I, for one, have had wonderful experiences at the Chicago DMV, bless you ILSOS Jessie White! I even went once to the floor manager to lodge a compliment. I realize not all DMVs are like this, maybe they should ask Jesse White? And yes, the only way to win foolish arguments about politicking is not to get into them, instead talk about issues you are for. And not on the internet, where there is no civility, but face to face.


Since Nixon's day perhaps, and certainly since Reagan's it has been the policy of the Democrats to have no policy -- to adapt themselves to Republican initiatives from tax relief and wacky trade deals to Romneycare, from militarized policing to foreign wars for resources. Just to do these things with a smiley face rather than a Cheneyesque snarl.
Now that the Republicans have gone totally bonkers behind their neo-Fascism it seems peculiarly difficult for what is left of the Democratic Party to rebuild a coherent philosophy. Heaven knows the big shots are doing their level best to ignore outsider Bernie Sanders' appeals for them to return to their New Deal roots. It is fun watching all this playing out in the dying empire and its dysfunctional polity.


It’s about obsessively attacking a modest health-care expansion...

No, it's not. The ACA, written by an industry lobbyist, is a Republican's dream. Republican "attacks" on the program are pure political theater. Just look how the insurance parasites' stock has skyrocketed since the ACA came online, and see the truth.

When will "progressives" stop falling for both Teams' ACA propaganda, all designed to keep Single Payer off the table, forever?


Schadenfreude has never been a viable campaign strategy. We are dealing with dark powers here, folks. Speaking truth to power is also not a viable strategy. Power already knows the truth and they really don't much care much if you know it. Even Bernie is totally into the MIC and the F35.

Subvert the dominant paradigm. Act locally. Be an example of what a citizen of the world ought to be. Actions speak louder than words.