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Watching Tucker Carlson Eats At My Soul. Here’s Why I Do It Anyway


To clarify, I agree that climate change - I prefer global warming - is a real and existential threat and provably so according to all credible scientific research. So I agree with you that “belief” in climate change should have no place in any discussion of what to do about climate change.

But what we must do is a moral question, not a scientific question, and one with no simple answer.

Consider the following.

Venezula and Russia are very poor, oil dependent countries. To go green, they would have to further debilitate their already enfeebled economies, which would amplify suffering among millions of already poor and destitute people.

Going green in the US or Canada would be much easier (but not easy) because the US and Canada have comparatively healthy and diverse economies.


“Know thine enemies!” It’s the main reason I record and watch the Jim Bakker Show. God told good ol’ Jim to start “Trump’s Evangelical Army of God.” Yes folks, God sent Trump to become president to help bring on the Second Coming of Christ. They’re preparing for the apocalypse by selling survival gear like, “Banquet in a Bucket,” (200 instant food packages), for only $167! Or choose 13 - 28oz. “Extreme Survival Water Bottles” for only $300. He just told people that he was falsely imprisoned, and that God saved him, which is a baldfaced lie. It’s really sick how he deludes so many elders and other poor victims to give their a portion of their own survival money to this con-artist from hell. These people are not just dangerous to their direct victims, they’re dangerous to the Earth in general. Their twisted religious views should not be ignored, because their insane Biblical notions are being used to form both our domestic and foreign policy.


Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now is the Rush Limbaugh of the far left. It is pure propaganda and rarely is based in fact.


Hate to telly you this, but all the sources you name come at current events with an extreme point of view.


I would add PBS Newshour for some great reporting lately Yemen -Chicago-and some great reporting on the importance of being honest and working with basic facts.


The night the house refused to take up the vote on Obama care after voting some thirty times to overturn it I recorded the Tucker Carlson show. All Carlson talked about was immigration—at the tail end of the show there was a small report about the canceled vote. Really ----this was one of the biggest issues for Republicans in the 2016 election----and now they can’t muster the votes when it really counts----AND CARLSON ISN’T GOING TO COVER THIS IN A REAL WAY. THIS IS NOT CONSERVATIVE NEWS REPORTING-its propaganda for a corrupt corporate agenda.


That’s because the truth is extreme these days, deckhughes2. It’s the enemy of the state!
Amy Goodman, non-profit news site, Democracy Now!

Rush Limbaugh - Corporate shill - $84 million in 2017.

Riiiiight. They’re just the same. Actually, MSNBC and CNN would be the left comparison. They’re all corporate shills that keep the media circus going as both parties of the government take us down the road to fascist hell.

Where is the corporate media’s defense of Julian Assange, the publisher with 100% ACCURACY?! The presstitutes count their millions as the most important journalist in the world rots to death in a little sunless room because the US Government wants him dead for telling the world about its mass crimes against humanity. Neither left nor right corporate media will defend him because Wikileaks is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-nationalist news organization. Assange an enemy of the state because THE TRUTH IS THE ENEMY OF THE STATE. First Amendment Schmirst Amendment. It doesn’t exist. George Bush wasn’t kidding. The Constitution really is just a GD piece of paper, (to its every increasing militarized government anyway). Ask Edward Snowden, William Binney, Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, oh wait, those last two died exercising their “right to free speech,” so you can’t.

I vehemently disagree with Tucker Carlson and his corporate ilk with a passion, like I vehemently disagree with Rachel Maddow and her corporate ilk with a passion, but I will also vehemently oppose any effort to censor them (like they censor the truth) because I believe in free speech for ALL. (Actually though, their speech isn’t free, is it? It’s REALLY expensive!) Limiting free speech in any way is a slippery slope. Ask Julian. He’s very ill, but the “Land of the Free” won’t even let him go to hospital without being arrested on bogus charges.


Democracy Now does great reporting on all kinds of international events that get little reporting in the US. They have a very on the ground type reporting----AND YES THESE PEOPLE HAVE A POINT OF VIEW-----a point of view based in fact. I really take offence at what you are saying because I always see Goodman being professional in how she reports events —does she get caught up in things absolutely—and that’s part of good reporting.

But then you think Fox is conservative----Fox just like MSNBC is a mouth piece of the corporate military police state we live in. Ow yea----SUPPORT THE COMMONS–SUPPORT REAL INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM


So you are not really interested in any diversity of opinion and you just want to hear what the big corporations want you to hear? I think that is what you are saying.

If not, another source of honest journalism is “The Real News”. It’s only on the internet, however.


That’s a good one too, pecohen.
RT is also great, with Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, and other amazing folks. But the name scares the bejezus out of many Americans. They’ve been so indoctrinated by military-owned corporate media, just the thought of hearing outside sources of news scares the pants off of them! The corporate media is scared Americans might hear the truth about US war crimes around the world, something their minions will never challenge them on, and the main reason they hate Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, and anyone else who tells the truth about US WAR CRIMES!


In another incident, he blamed immigrants for lowering the U.S. birth rate (to support this, Carlson incorrectly claimed that immigration is depressing wages among men, therefore decreasing “the attractiveness of men as potential spouses thus reducing fertility”).

Dr Fraad says:

American white men once received two wage supplements in what was a sexist and racist labor market. One wage supplement was for whiteness and the other for maleness. With the resulting “family wage” generally paid to white men, they could support a woman working full time at home, providing full maid service, sexual labor, child care, and the emotional labor of making social connections to engage the whole family with friends and relatives. With white men’s family wage now largely gone, most women are now employed outside the home. They cannot, in addition, do all the housework, childcare, etc., that they did before. They want their men to share emotional and domestic burdens in the home. Yet many men want extra services at home to compensate them for their lower pay and lower status outside the home. Household tensions rise. Women are abandoning those men who cannot support them yet still demand a range of household services that employed women cannot and do not want to perform. American white men have been disempowered. They are hurting.

The family wage for white men evaporated as modern jet travel and telecommunications enabled U.S. capitalists to relocate production overseas where wages are much lower. Simultaneously, computers enabled an intensification of automation. Capitalists stopped worrying about living, no less family, wages, safety standards, benefits, or ecological safety measures. Where once capitalist profit-seeking produced a family wage, post-1970s profit-seeking took it away.

And in a recent podcast, she states that a declining fertility rate is amplified by anti-immigrant legislation as immigrants are the group of people still having children in large numbers. NYtimes reporting suggested that fertility rates are low among the rest of US citizens (excluding the 1%) due to the high cost of raising kids.


I like some newscasters (e.g. Arron Mate) on TRNN even better than DN. Both are available as a podcast which is how I always listen to them. Those two, Intercepted and Counterspin are my main news podcasts and this site my main text feed (I tried TruthDig for a while but I didn’t like the look and feel - too busy for my taste).


I am very interested in diversity of opinion, which is why I listen to NPR, watch FOX, read the WSJ, watch CBS evening news. What bothers me are people who might just engage conservative sites or just engage liberal sites. The people listening to Amy Goodman probably believe that is objective journalism and do not have other news sources. When Goodman has guests on that she agrees with, all they get are fluff questions, no challenge. On Fox, they challenge their guests, on the news shows like Bret Bair (not Sean Hannity). My point, you should have a conservative news source if you are a liberal and you should have a liberal source if you are conservative.


If you watch Tucker every night, surely you know he isn’t a Republican. He’s stated this fact often. However, I do hope you keep writing this kind of thing because you get Republicans another vote with each article based off of left, bias, BS! TY for supporting GOP :grin:


That is real diversity in views. All the way from far-right to near right.