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Water Cannons Fired at Water Protectors in Freezing Temperatures Injure Hundreds


Water Cannons Fired at Water Protectors in Freezing Temperatures Injure Hundreds


CANNON BALL, N.D. - Hundreds of water protectors were injured at the Standing Rock encampments when law enforcement blasted them with water cannons in freezing temperatures Sunday evening.



This is the story, of compassion and lack of it, that needs to be lifted above the fretting over the election.


It's obvious that there will be no help from anyone with the authority to stop this brutality, not the president, the governor, the chief of police and certainly not the ceo's of the companies determined to build the pipeline and the banks financing it, whatever the future consequences. President Obama has the power to stop this inhuman, arrogant display of the wealthy and powerful to claim their right to literally own the earth, and he refuses to do more than ask for patience. We need to stop believing our minds, bodies and voices are going to achieve justice. There will be more tragedies like this one, now that the federal government is owned by people who despise everybody who doesn't look, talk, think and worship as they do.
I urge the Native Indians and their activist friends and comrades to give up, go home and let it happen. They have lost, as have the many now silent and uncaring who will suffer when the pipeline pollutes their water.


Quite to the specific contrary; the Obama administration has, at least as is visible (and much more may be less so), forced the local Col. of the Army Corps of Engineers to about-face from an enabler of the wicked sheriff to a defender of the Water Protectors.

And I believe you're quite wrong — not to mention purposeless — in your advice to give up. As I've written this afternoon to the Energy Transfer (owner of the fragmentary pipeline) CEO, kelcy.warren@energytransfer.com,

You can tell Sheriff Kirchmeier to stand down. You can withdraw your construction equipment. You can stop tearing the oil out of the tar sands and begin working for the energy future of the world instead of its dirty, shameful past. You can do this. You will have to do it sometime. Why not do it today?

I also asked him what makes him think the Protectors might give up now, having taken all the advice they have. And I told him I'm gathering others to join me in turning off my furnace and parking my car Friday rather than burn petroleum. This era will end, and we might as well start.