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'Water is Life': Al Gore, Jesse Jackson Support Dakota Access Protesters


'Water is Life': Al Gore, Jesse Jackson Support Dakota Access Protesters

Nika Knight, staff writer

Former vice president Al Gore and the Rev. Jesse Jackson are the latest prominent voices to join the fight against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Jackson arrived at the protest camp near Cannonball, North Dakota, on Wednesday. The civil rights activist told the Associated Press that he joined the water protectors in order "to pray together, protest together, and if necessary go to jail together."


This is good news! With two prominent Hillary surrogates advocating in support of the Standing Rock Sioux, that's a VERY positive sign that at least this battle might end peacefully soon. The only other way this can go is violence, which would make HRC look worse than she already does. She'll want to make some peace with Progressives if she has any hope of them legitimizing her Presidency.


Nice, Jessie! The more the pipeline company threatens the more we become resolute and the more the resistance spreads. Good to see the spirit of Crazy Horse alive and well in the Sioux and their supporters. It make such good sense that the First Nations take a lead in this fight to protect Mother Earth and for so many of the youth climate activist who fight for their future.


The brave water protectors at Standing Rock fighting the DAP have to rely on the support of politicians. In Monterey County, California the citizens will decide whether to allow fracking and wastewater injection. They are taking on Chevron, ExxonMobile and Shell. Big Oil is outspending the proponents of Measure Z 40 to 1, but it looks like the people will prevail. Help us with a donation in the final two weeks. Come to http://www.protectmontereycounty.org/ and donate.


This only underlines the urgency on voting for a progressive Senate on Nov. 8 and to start a powerful campaign to take the House in 2018 right now!


This Lucha, Struggle, against those who destroy our Sacred Earth Mother, is everyone's struggle!
Join the resistance, against fascist amerika!


Hillary is not a friend. Even with a last minute she lost all credibility with indigenous with Honduras. Remember Berta Caceres Flores. Blame Hillary Clinton. Blame Obama for murdering our Constitution. Shame to them both


Grandstanding Rock?


Totally. Remember Hillary was for the Keystone XL she was for the Keystone XL and in her private talks with industry likely said, hey two pipelines are going in one Dakota and one Keystone. We only need one .Guess.


Now that Al Gore and Jesse Jackson (complete with cowboy hat and a horse for dramatic effect!) have joined in the fray, I guess that this DAPL thingy is getting real serious. (Not!)


Clinton needs to consult with her Wall Street paymasters prior to making any statements.


Here is the number for the Army Corps of Engineers, Headquarters, Environmental Office

Call them to tell them to do their jobs by stopping DAPL construction and doing a thorough environmental assessment.

Call the DOJ too - time to step in to end the corporate-police threats.


What good will their grandstanding do of they do no publicly INSIST that Obama act ... NOW!


Clinton doesn't want progressive support, she doesn't need progressive support, and most of us don't need or want her. #NoDAPL


Hmmmm . . . wonder if Stein's going to divest now? She looks like a typical politician, if not human in terms of where her money is.