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Water Is Life, Oil Is Death: The People vs. the Bakken Pipeline in Iowa and the Dakotas


Water Is Life, Oil Is Death: The People vs. the Bakken Pipeline in Iowa and the Dakotas

Paul Street

The American version of democracy focuses on elections and candidates. As the venerable left intellectual Noam Chomsky observed in June, “Citizenship means every four years you put a mark somewhere and you go home and let other guys run the world.


While this piece is very welcome in the fight against pollution of our priceless and irreplaceable water resources, oil industry corruption of government. politicians and candidates, the author might have not bashed Bernie Sanders so relentlessly when Bernie had a real chance to possibly defeat the oil industry, fracking cheerleader, pipeline infrastructure supporter and general corporate-tool, Hillary Clinton.


Totally agree with your sentiment, Emphyrio. It's an ongoing thing with PS: he simply can't accept the fact that many "Berners" are activists who work very hard on many hard issues, the Bakken amongst them. Also, a friend who visited Sacred Stones reported that the camp was full of Bernie (and Jill) stickers. so, you know... there's that.


Although it'd be nice if you would drop the 'whore' language: it's sexist and does damage to our cause.


This sort of language police nonsense wreaks of the authoritarian. Ah, nothing quite like the tyranny of the left, eh?
What's more, your complaint is unfounded in this instance for part of the magnificence and beauty of the English language is the quality of polysemy. That is to say, words can actually have multiple applications and meanings, and that also happens to be the case with the word whore. In addition to the particular definition with which you happen to obsess, the word can also describe; a male who engages in sexual acts for money; as well as, a venal or unscrupulous person.
Additionally, this quest to eliminate words of any gender specificity only serves to weaken language, diminish it of precision, thus adversely affecting means of effective communication. It's really a stop on the track to Orwell's Newspeak. The Express to the destination runs on political correctness compressed into 140 characters or less.

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This is heart wrenching news.
"The nation’s unelected dictatorship of money and oil knows very well that politics is about more than elections." This sentence shows us what we're up against to get the steady destruction of our planet stopped in time to save the water.
A dictatorship of money and oil is what rules in this country, from Bush, Obama and we know Clinton is really in favor, despite the lies. They don't much care who wins as long as it's not Bernie Sanders.
We all need to put up the kind of fight that got the Keystone stopped. Now is the time to stand up with those on the front lines of the fight.


That's your interpretation of what Bernie was doing?

Could Bernie have won anything running as an independent against Hillary? Clearly the answer is a big fat NO!
So Bernie decided to defeat Hillary and the Democratic Party functionaries........if he could.
Because the deck was stacked against him he was unable to overcome the Party machinery. (500 super-delegates.)

Who voted for Hillary?
Every Black American south of the Mason-Dixon line. And a bunch north of it.
Every person that Claire McCaskill could scare into believing that Socialists were going to eat their young.
Every old person who thought that Bernie could never beat a Republican.
And lots of women who wanted a woman president come hell or high water.

That's why Bernie lost and why he ran and not for the reason's that you suggest.


This pipeline runs across 300 miles of federally owned land.
Obama could stop it in a heartbeat if he had a mind to.

So could Hillary.

But neither of them will because there's a profit to be made.


That's exactly what Bernie doing.
You need to do a little research. Try beginning with an investigation of the Democratic Party's answer to ALEC, States Innovation Exchange, or as it is known by acronym, SiX.
Next, you ought to look into the backgrounds of those actually running Bernie's campaign and see just who, exactly, those folks also have connections with.
The writing was on the wall more than a year before Sanders surrendered it all to Hillary:


Bruce A. Dixon has about as much credibility on the Left as Steve Bannon has on the Right.
Dixon peddles nonsense.


Yes, very much so - these activists are doing something - something very important and courageous for Mother Earth and our priceless water resources - I have great respect for them and all they do to fight the power. My comment in no way cast any criticism on them - read it again please.....
My comment clearly stated that the demonstrators are to be lauded and supported, but the author had repeatedly bashed and demeaned Sanders personally and by implication all who supported him and the issues he championed - one can be disappointed at how Sander's candidacy wound-up, but he has acted for progressive issues his entire career.

In any event that is NOT "all Sanders did", and I don't believe he ever had that intention at all - to "funnel progressives back into the Dem Party"! - he was coerced toward the end into "endorsing" HRC by some means, and had also made a commitment to support the Dem nominee as price for running as a Dem. He certainly wanted to "take-back" the Dem party from the Clinton/Obama DLC wing.
The politicians now in control of the party are the supporters of big-oil, fracking, bankers/wall street, big-pharma & Monsatan, etc, etc, but their corruption and servitude to big money does not include millions who are "Democrats" but not DLC big-money corporate shills.


Message received bitdepth. edit done.....one might argue that the term indicates a person that performs for money, but I will not do so now. Thanks!


Rubbish......that link is one persons opinion....who may have an alternative agenda - the author didn't influence black voters to not support HRC, did he? don't be so gullible or demeaning of Sanders motives....Sanders has been the same activist, albeit withing the cesspool of DC politics, his entire career. there is more than one way to effect change and reform. Have a little faith for love's sake; denigrating people's efforts if they don't meet your or some other's "standards" is self-defeating - Sanders did much good energizing millions, and the vast majority are NOT sheep........we have bigger fish to fry Jazzbo than eating our own. Peace


Thanks, I won't read anyting this guy writes. His oppostion to Bernie bordered on pure hatred.


In general I agree w/you about PS's self-immolating hate on Bernie, but you should read this piece. Other than the PS bias, it's strong reporting about a deeply important - and inspiring! - issue.


I have a different perspective on "getting the Keystone pipeline stopped", Dede. I believe Obama delayed and delayed his "decision" to oppose it in order to allow the Bakken Pipeline to be fully planned and into the construction phase - very cynical I know but that's what I've become - not to mention what this says about Obama's supposed commitment to reduce Global Warming and fossil fuel exploitation.

"1,172 miles of 30-inch diameter pipe from North Dakota's northwest Bakken region down to a market hub outside Patoka, Illinois, where it will join extant pipelines and travel onward to refineries and markets in the Gulf and on the East Coast. If that description gives you déjà vu, it should: The Bakken Pipeline is only seven miles shorter than Keystone's proposed length."

The Bakken Pipeline will in effect replace the "defeated" keystone XL Pipeline and move oil to the same areas.


You have no idea what homework I"ve done. This guy is petty, as are most at Counterpunch. I live in Illinois, I don't need the likes of Paul Street to tell me about Obama. I never heard of Paul Street during the thirty years I lived among the progressive community in Chicago. And I knew more than a few radicals in the Uptown neighborhood.


Sanders tried to change the status quo of the Dem Party DNC/DLC establishment - tried hard - to return the party to its alleged promise - the promise of FDR and Eleanor, Adlai, JFK, RFK, Wellstone, et al. A political party doesn't have a persona absent those in it - it's a construct dependent on and representing its members and those at the top - over the years those at the top have skewed the rules to the advantage of a narrow group - to big-money and those who possess it.
Sanders' energy and dedication all thru the primaries was astonishing - maybe he didn't play dirty enough and the last bit was disappointing, but 'they who are without sin"......
Sanders also said repeatedly the political revolution was not his, it was ours, and up to all of us - the Bernistas and all progressives to take up the mantle and fight the power. To rely on one person, or to blame one person is not realistic.........to blame the messenger is misplaced, and allows the corporate pigs to win......


That comment/question is weak meaningless jive and [erhaps shows your true intentions and slant - what's your point?


Connect the dots, or pipelines and change the name. That's probably exactly what he's done. I'm a firm believer in conspiracy, it's the name of the game in this country.
Thanks for the link.