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Water Is Life: The Story of Standing Rock Won’t Go Away


Water Is Life: The Story of Standing Rock Won’t Go Away

Mark Trahant

Every day I write rhymes on Twitter. I get a kick out of reducing complicated ideas and events down to 140 characters. So yesterday I wrote:

Powers That Be think it’s the end
DAPL will now have much money to spend
But Standing Rock is a rally cry
Rebalance our world before we die

And that is the story I want to tell. Standing Rock is only one chapter somewhere in the middle of a long story.


Here comes! Standing Rock East/William Kenney/Water Protector/Revolutionary/founder: * citizenuntiedblog.wordpress.com — Citizens Un-tied (united against the Juggernaut), and, Earthouse, fossil fuel free merchandise! A fantastical vision!


This is still being fought in court. It might be possible to win in court and require the Army Corps of Engineers to carry out a full environmental review.


Again I say: To paraphrase "The Hunger Games" quote to their elites stating, "If we burn you burn with us."... "If we die ( by pollution, etc..) you die with us." You will find out the hard way because you need a clean, healthy environment too. No one is immune. In the end we are all only human.


The DAPL oil protectors say:"they won". But lets put this in proper perspective, who really won? Greed won; the destruction of the Lakota Sioux's water lost; the lives of many future indigenous, Native Americans lost. And in the end, a few won, but we all lost.


My gut level feeling is that there is a substantial part of the American public who does not really respond to the notion of, "if we burn, you burn with us." I think most are christians, many evangelicals. And more republicans than not. The bottom line is; they don't care; and, I think, a part of the reasons they don't, are bound up within their worldview. Ist many are waiting for the end of the World anyway. It's a part of their religion. And secondly, of course, they are going to heaven when they die. In other words they have no connection with the Earth as themselves. They are just here in a dominator role for a short while, then off to heaven.
Contrast this with the Indigenous peoples worldview of Vnci Maka( grandmother Earth), and humans as Earth protectors. My strong guess is this same mix in different formats was at least a part of the equation in the destruction of Mars, Lemuria, Atlantis , and now, 'the age of Trump', as livable habitat for humans and most all the other critters
All of us who feel a strong connection to the Earth understand the significance of Standing Rock. Water is Life.


Good! Well thought out. "We die" (I take this out of context), yet this phrase encapsulates well the spirit of the runaway catastrophe of a so-called, "industry" of criminal extraction behaviors and the consequences, thereof, as you so concisely unveil - a betrayal of Life herself.