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Water Protectors Arrested, Tear-Gassed for Peaceful Prayer Walk at DAPL Site


Water Protectors Arrested, Tear-Gassed for Peaceful Prayer Walk at DAPL Site

Nika Knight, staff writer

Water protectors battling the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline once again faced down police in riot gear, tear gas, and arrests on Monday as Indigenous activists attempted to hold a peaceful prayer walk at the pipeline drilling site alongside the Missouri River near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.


The goons backed down in a hurry when the veterans showed up...and then ramped it up again when they left.


Are those in fact the police or is that the National Guard ?

The sure look like Military.


I sure hope the vets hurry back, as they might be the only thing that prevents a full-scale assault (including deaths, imo) once the Dumpster takes office.


I agree; especially, if that new bill becomes law that says it is okay to run down water protectors as long as it was not intentional!


The CIA charter demands it not operate domestically but it always has done it. The FBI, CIA, Army Intelligence infiltrate protest groups to record and communicate their actions to their handlers. As a real print journalist and Viet-Nam War veteran I assure you these agencies have people embedded among the Water Protectors. They also and always have used "provocateurs." These people fit in and intentionally cause trouble to incite the police to retaliate, specifically used during the riots of the Sixties such as the Democratic Convention of 68 at Chicago, riots in Watts, southern Los Angeles and southern civil rights marches. MLK was surrounded by conspirators and supposedly Jesse Jackson has been an FBI informant for decades. Trust is earned and never underestimate the paranoia of the Establishment please! I can promise you they were at Ferguson, Missouri. You have to be aware of those among you. I would bet they work within Black Lives Matter for instance or Veterans for Peace. Orwell said, those who control the past control the future and those who control the present control the past. Resist!


It's almost impossible to tell the difference these days...


There are still some veterans there at Oceti Oyate camp, at Standing Rock.


This is is civil disobedience, and is like Ghandian and Martin Luther King Jr's use of non-violence. The water protectors are in prayer. They have already changed hearts and minds. One visiting police department person turned in her badge, and went to visit the Oceti Sakowin camp, now known as Oceti Oyate camp. Look for TYT (The Young Turks) interview with Jordon...on youtube. They ask allies to also stay in prayer and not to taunt the police, although some young or angry people do so.


I heard on a video last night or the night before that there are National Guard as well as Morton County sherriff's deputies there.


The Army Corps of Engineers released a press release at 8:06am this morning, it is on twitter, and posted by an Indian news online. Z ?
The Army Corps has filed their intent to start the Environmental Impact Statement, EIS, which is fantastic news. They are calling for comments.
This is supposedly independent of any president elect or incoming agency heads. Hope so. This will be a far more thorough investigation, and includes treaty rights as well as environmental affects. Sorry for the vague paraphrase.


It's a little hard to believe that they're still getting tear gassed and what not. And that damned run em over law just makes this more volitile.