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Water Protectors Sue Over 'Deliberate and Punitive' Police Brutality


Water Protectors Sue Over 'Deliberate and Punitive' Police Brutality

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Water protectors in North Dakota on Monday filed a class-action lawsuit against Morton County, Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, and other law enforcement agencies for using excessive force the night of November 20, when peaceful demonstrators were trapped on a bridge and assaulted with impact munitions.


The Morton County Sheriff should be in the Morton County Jail.


I was thinking more like a hitch in Guantanamo for both the sheriff and governor for gross violations of Human Rights. In their whoredom to the pipeline companies, oil companies, and bankers, they both ordered underlings, who may have preferred to remain peaceful, to commit evil and violence upon the human owners of their state and county. This pair wanted to make an example of the Water Protectors to cower others who might desire to demonstrate. A better idea, in this republic, is to make THEM the example for other government officials who might consider serving corporations over The PEOPLE.


A law suit is exactly what I've been hoping for! In addition to the one in this article, ND residents should be suing over the use of public funds to insure private profit.

Let's hope the judge gets it right...


As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, the state (government) has resorted to violence against the non-violent water protectors in order to protect the financial interests of the capitalist ruling class.

As long as the water protectors continue their physical protests, the violence of the state will only increase in its cruelty that is being administered by its militarized police force(s). If the physical protests continue, death from the violence of the state is assured.

A class action suit is a "pie-in-the-sky" effort to win some form of non-violent justice from the state when the reality is as clear as the nose on one's face....

The state cannot and will not be challenged. The state will win ... without regard to the resulting carnage. The state has unlimited power, authority and resources to maintain its control.

This is not going to end well. The state's victory will
fully illuminate its need of authoritarian control (regardless of the means required) over any organized, prolonged dissent ... especially when the "cause" increases in national popularity.

How many U.S. citizens will realize the event as oppressive, authoritarian rule?

Let's take off the blinders. Freedom and democracy in the U.S. is a well-disguised illusion. Controlled freedom and democracy within allowable perimeters is not freedom and democracy when its boundaries are enforced by a militarized police force with orders to maintain control.


Standing Rock Sioux chairman David Archambault III called the order " a menacing action meant to cause fear."

My spouse who is Native American, says it is time for her to be with her Native brothers and sisters at Standing Rock because she feels guilty not being there. I told her I cannot go with her but will support her 100%.


I'm glad you have made your prediction, but I disagree. Have you ever heard of the French Revolution? If that is too far back, try India in about 1948. At the time, the British were doing to India what the British do best, which is oppression. Indians (the REAL Indians, not our REAL Americans) wanted freedom, but the Brits were just too bloodthirsty and cruel to fight with. A little guy named Gandhi told his people "Don't fight back. Just stay focused upon our goal, and watch us eventually win. Win they did, because eventually the British troops developed so much self-hate from killing the innocent that they couldn't pick up their guns any longer! Nonviolence is the strongest form of warfare. Woe to any commander of an oppressing army that comes up against an enemy practicing nonviolence, for that commander will lose his war AND his army!


Did you actually read my post? If you did, I think you misread it. My post talked about the violence of the state.

No where did I advocate for violence by the protestors.

Again, my entire post addressed the violence of the state utilizing a militarized police force.


Yes, in a similar way as should Michigan's "governor," for knowingly allowing Flint residents to drink and bathe in lead-tainted water.


" Non-violence is the strongest form of warfare."

" Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man." Gandhi.

When Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi drove out the British from India in 1948, Gandhi proved it!


Yes, but unfortunately the Water Protectors are being attacked by defective law enforcement action against them for trying to prevent damage to negotiated treaty land.


Yes, I read your post about the violence of the state against the non-violent Water Protectors, but you seemed to think that state brutality can win a battle such as this. Did you read my post about how the state will bring about its own demise trying to "conquer" non-violent humanity? The state has no life of its own, therefore no power of its own. A violent state, such as the USA or North Dakota, remains in power only so long as human beings will kill for it. Being human, eventually they tire of being thugs, and the state falls. Once upon a time there was a US Constitution. It was the Mission Statement of Lofty Purpose that kept our PEOPLE engaged and giving their all. Then, our appointed President pointed out that our cherished document is "Just a goddamn piece of paper", and its power to inspire all leaked away, like the blood of one more innocent black man shot dead by the police. That government is OVER, though its thuggery and violence can extend the charade of nationhood a bit, but only until its soldiers say "I ain't killin' my fellow man no more for THIS." History is full of societies that committed suicide by violently attacking the nonviolent. This one is just one more. I never thought you were advocating for violence BY the Water Protectors. You seemed much smarter than that.


Agents provocateurs have infiltrated the Lakota Sioux but they are a very small minority.


I have say If you are referring to the Bundy bunch in Oregon who were exonerated by the court, you are correct.