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Water Protectors Target DAPL Builder's Profits to "Sink This Sucker"


Water Protectors Target DAPL Builder's Profits to "Sink This Sucker"

Water protectors in North Dakota are launching the next phase of resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)—hurting its parent company's profits.


The continued growth of Standing Rock & Allies resistance to the institutionalized abuses characterized by this tentacle of the giant oil/tar sand/ fracking vampire squid are already laying bare the reality beneath the "stockholder" mentality. It is perhaps the most egregious mental/spiritual deformation ever perpetrated on humankind. It claims that what exists need not be addressed with integrity; and the correlate that, like Provision 12, where EIS for a single private boat launch is equivalent to a f#@%ing pipeline can be rationalized as "business".

Stockholders might want to be aware that the term 'stockholder' is a top candidate for the devil's dictionary and the slide getting steeper every day. Quite apart from that is the fact that the distortion slide reflects identifiable forms of derangement. No wonder the stock market is what it is.


Who would want to buy the sold-off shares?


Pwr 2 the #NODAPL peons!


There is not one single chance this pipeline won't be finished unless a Federal Court stops it. It's 90% done and a few months from generating revenue.

Even if pipeline company and the banks go down. It will be purchased at a discount and finished with the full weight of the Trump Administration, federal police and national guard crushing any protests.

It's the courts or nothing. Everything else is delusional.