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Water Resistance Trial Underway in Detroit


Water Resistance Trial Underway in Detroit

Bill Quigley

A jury trial is underway in Detroit for human rights activists arrested for blocking trucks which were going to cutoff water to low-income families.


"The true crime is that thousands of people who are struggling to pay their water bills are being deprived of a basic necessity of life. Instead of implementing the Water Affordability Plan, which would tie water rates to income and which Detroit City Council supports, the Mayor chooses to shut off the water of thousands of Detroiters. Who is the real criminal?"

This, of course is 100% true.

If inner cities are deprived of basic economies and citizens develop their own black market economies in order to survive... who is the real criminal?

If cops shoot at unarmed Black kids and insist that they THOUGHT they WERE armed, or that these cops somehow felt threatened... as the media goes to work decimating the reputations of the kids gunned down... one again can ask, "who is the real criminal"?

When a nation's massive military is directed to bomb another nation back to the Stone Age; and survivors in that damned land find enough weapons to mount some sort of retaliation... who is the real criminal?

When water-carriers for the 1% bend, change, distort, and mutate standing laws to allow for massive speculation where formerly it had been inhibited, and the results of that speculation threaten the portfolios of the 1%... so that blame is passed around to such docile entities as Acorn... to serve as pretext for forcing all taxpayers to bail out the banks... who is the real criminal?

EVERYTHING in our society has been corrupted and/or crafted to grant all privileges to those with power and all culpability to those with relatively little.

Indeed.. who IS the criminal?


The cutting off of the essential supply of water to citizens cannot happen in a civilised country. The Romans did better 2000 years ago!


I fear that Detroit is a bellwether of the future as US Companies continue to move off shore.