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Water Rights Group Calls on Newark Officials to Resist Privatization of City's Water Supply Amid Lead Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/water-rights-group-calls-newark-officials-resist-privatization-citys-water-supply

The US is slowly but surely slipping into second world status.

Oligarchy, corruption, racism, crumbling infrastructure, masked by a bread and circuses infotainment complex currently starring a buffoon in a wig with his tweet machine.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.


The vulture’s only interest is to feed on the carrion

might I remind you all this is the city Cory Booker left behind when he ran for his Senate seat. He also takes huge amounts of money from BIG PHARMA.


“…they must also protect their water system predatory corporate operators.”

Could this be the reason basically all infrastructure around the country has been allowed to rot, with very little - to no maintenance? When you add in the huge amounts of taxpayer money thrown at the war dept., even more than they ask for, so it looks like we can’t afford infrastructure projects, and allow private companies to take them over. Makes me wonder.


Lead piping – Lead in Water –

Hard enough to believe – but also think about the fact that a lot of PLASTIC
PIPES have been used as replacement in private homes and in major
projects by states, cities and towns.

Meanwhile, Accuweather reports that as the rain comes down so does PLASTIC
come down with it!!

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Privatizing a water source, any water source, should be off the table. We need to retake the commons for the ecosystems (that include we the people), not lose more access to privatization.


It’s not just Newark, but all around the world.  Nestlé is one of the worst offenders, with huge financial clout for local “campaign contributions” and other outright bribes that they use to gain access to water sources.  Once they have control then the price-gouging begins.

Water, being essential to life, is every bit as important to every one of us as proper medical care.  Profiteering from basic needs MUST be stopped!


Disaster capitalism.


I think your right, it’s finally come home to where it started.