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'Watergate Pales' to Scandal Surrounding Trump: Former DNI James Clapper


'Watergate Pales' to Scandal Surrounding Trump: Former DNI James Clapper

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Further damning an administration seen as "falling apart before it even came together," former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday that "Watergate pales" in comparison to the scandal surrounding President Donald Trump.


Didn’t James Clapper lie to Congress not too long ago?


Lovely. Lil’ Jimmy Clapper, Patron Saint of Veracity.

Honestly, I concur that Trump’s largely a scandal on two legs. But this isn’t the scandal.


Ahhhh…it’s so refreshing to see the lib/prog/left media rally around criminal fascists like Clapper in their effort to tell the “truth” about Trump/Trumpism…at the expense of their own integrity. And we wonder why the “good guys” always seem to lose.


And as always, the criticism is entirely personal. It’s about the man, not the system or the structures affecting what he does.

And in doing so, the Democrats have adroitly steered their gullible flock away from any examination of the system that just finished screwing them.


Clapper seems to be articulating a position that the majority of Americans probably have given the facts that are known to the public. It is hard to believe that there is even a debate on whether there should be an independent investigation into possible Russian interference with our election. Of course there should. After the fall of the Soviet Union there was a period where it seemed the US and Russia could actually be allies. But Russia has reverted back to authoritarianism and is an opponent of Western democracy. The US can certainly work with Russia on a number of issues but when it comes to core values Russia is an adversary. But clearly the competition over values should not result in violence. There are a lot of similarities between Trump and Putin. Trump basically represents an extreme fringe of the US population. He got most of his votes by scamming voters, If nothing else he excels in scamming. Putin is probably fairly representative of a large portion of the Russian population although many Russians support the values of western democracies.


Trump has to be more than impeached, he has to be taken down and all his minions taken down and jailed. Make sure there is enough to prosecute these people treasonous actions working in their own self interest. We need his tax returns and documentation of business deals with Russian oligarchs, China, Turkey etal that are direct defiance of US laws.

However, the oligarchs and mafia’s of the world stick together in the take over of the world and our laws have become so laxed with foreign investment it is a disgrace that we the people have been dubbed so badly and priced out of living in our world.


Yup, lied about spying on every US citizen.


probably, probably, probably…

You eat up the mainstream media’s talking points and regurgitate them like it’s truth.


Wherein the 1% rules over the 99%.



Regardless of everything else, these former employees of our intelligence services need to be heard. Pro Trump trolls and Putin pals seem so willing to excuse both Trump’s betrayal (if not treasonous) of our sovereignty and weakening of our security and along with it the compromising of our elections by a foreign power! I for one do not want to see the USA made vulnerable to Russia. It is childish to forget that Putin is a strongman and that there are many others who have their say in what direction Russia takes besides him and a great many have animosity towards America just like many here feel that way towards Russia! Putin is influenced by them and to be honest, only Trump and the billionaires corporate coup elite seem to trust Putin. Why they suddenly trust him should worry everyone. They are proto-fascist oligarchs who are perhaps making common cause with Russian proto-fascist oligarch/gangsters. Anybody remember those young women who protested Putin and he had them given a draconian prison sentence until world opinion forced him to relent. Yeah that Putin!

America has its flaws but those who live here and hate America are hypocrites that hate themselves. America the imperfect still ranks among the better and freer places to live in this world. There is far less freedom in Russia though it is supposedly improving while our freedoms are declining. I suggest that people hate those forces causing our freedoms to decline (Trumpism is part of that process at the moment) but love the parts (and promise) of America that would cause a strengthening of our freedoms. Seeking the demise of America instead of changing the parts you don’t like for the better is self destructive.

For example - Save net neutrality and don’t allow a Chinese style state controlled internet. What is so special about the Russian Oligarchs that people in this country would excuse Trump’s getting all chummy with them and Putin? They play him for a sucker and read him as a vain and foolish rich kid who likes to bully subordinates but would never have lasted amongst Russia’s oligarch/gangsters. To them Trump is a pampered marshmallow with a lifetime of soft living and they came up the hard way - grim and tough as nails. I worry that they also play Trump because he is so ill informed. My point is - would you really want the Russian oligarchy to sink their claws into America?

I am not talking nuclear war with Russia… I am talking a fossil fuel peace with Russia! Ah! The Trump/Russian apologists remember now! Trump and the Russians both want to maintain a fossil fuel future…odd that **coincidence huh? Russian influence in this administration at the very least is pro fossil fuels.

So maybe these former intel officers are not going to accept an invite to your bring your own bong party anytime soon but they aren’t ready to go to the Welcome Putin and the Russians into our government party either! They have information that they need to share with us because they do not want to allow anyone (Trump) to betray us. That doesn’t make them saints nor change the things they have done that progressives object to.

I am proud of American progressives! They are part of the America I love. Some people talk like they want to see America be destroyed. Progressives just want to see America changed for the better!

We believe in our freedoms, our Bill of Rights and our Constitution! These things are America… protect them.


How was Clapper protecting my freedom and right to privacy when he spied on me?

And until we find out that Trump broke a law getting all chummy with Russian oligarchs, I’ll focus on how chummy the duopoly is with American oligarchs.


Excuse me but that is the government we have not the government we want. That is what progressives strive for - a better government for a freer America!

However, what does what Clapper did in his job or any other too conservative member of government for that matter, have to do with it? Are you seriously trying to say that someone like Comey or Clapper shouldn’t testify to wrongdoing because they spied on you? Btw the abstract is not the same as the actual. My guess is that you are not someone that gets spied on okay? I agree that the government shouldn’t have spied on us in the Sixties nor the Seventies… nor the Eighties…nor the Nineties and I sure as hell think Lieberman’s Patriot Act is unpatriotic but… I will continue to fight to make America a better country anyway!

Meanwhile I want to know what these people can tell us about how our government is functioning! I want to hear whistleblowers and insider testimony etc.

I want America to be better and that means putting the duopoly’s feet to the fire and hearing about when they blow it. I also don’t pretend that the duopoly will become some unspecified worker’s paradise (yeah right on that one) or that magically that they will clear out the old guard ( I insist that term limits is still possible lol ) overnight. Nor do I fantasize that the duopoly will split into triopoly with an official independent third party by next election (although it would be nice)!

I just want to hear what these insiders (who are not supporting Trump) have to say! I just want the Do Nothing Dems to do something even corrupt as they are!

I just want to get Trump out of the WH before he screws us all royally!


Here’s what Clapper has to do with it:

He advocated for persecuting whistleblowers.
He presumed we were guilty before any of us were charged with a crime.
He placed the intelligence-gathering apparatus above The Constitution.
He spied on everyone, then blubbered when it turned out they did it too.
He speaks in hyperbole, and acts as though he’s got something on Trump–well, where is it?

Trump will be gone soon enough, friend…so focus on installing something better instead of oligarchy funded window dressing and sock puppetry. Here’s the D-Party and how much they’re focused on change…no thanks:


I suggest that we get rid of all these creeps in turn but first we impeach or force to resign the Trumpenstein Monster! I do not excuse Clapper of any abuses that are laid at his door! That would be a childish simplicity that just wouldn’t hold up. I advocate that he be held accountable but that does not invalidate any info that he could give. Just like Comey’s testimony isn’t invalidated by anything that he might have done as director or asst director in the past.


People like this are grateful to latch on to anything that makes them appear above the fray.




Three things:

I’m perfectly willing to listen to what Clapper and Comey have to say under oath. In the back of my mind will be their track record as liars.

I suggest we let Trump continue to slowly unravel, thus upping the odds that he takes his party with him. Also, the words President Pence are revolting.

Shut down Enbridge Line 5!


I think “probably” is a good word to use in many instances for what has been going on with with this situation. The press is reporting the news not putting out talking points. I am not saying what the truth is. I don’t know. The whole point is we need to get to the truth. However, with all the stonewalling and obstruction going on by the Trump administration and many Republicans in Congress it looks like getting to the truth is going to be a long process.


The western countries are democracies. The US has all aspects of democracy. Voting, a free press, an independent judicial system, the right to protest. Who are the 1% that rule? Let’s have some names and evidence of how they rule. Did they choose Trump for president or did he win because of populism? Why didn’t Jeb Bush win if he got more corporate money than any other candidate? There is too much money in politics. But the US remains a democracy.