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'Watergate Pales' to Scandal Surrounding Trump: Former DNI James Clapper


Our spooks, spies, warriors and professional assassins are gravely concerned… about their job security.


Where vote recount is stopped (Florida, 2000), some voters (fitting a profile) face enormous impediments in exercising their voting rights (Ohio, 2004), where some citizens’ votes are more equal (the electoral college) than other citizens’ votes, where gerrymandering is an art form, where ballot access is nearly impossible unless the labels R/D appear, where vote counting is opaque thanks to “proprietary” software, …

I guess that is a democracy in your dictionary.



Still waiting for Justice to be served on that one, it was only Perjury witnessed by Millions.

However, if you’re Poor and Black, and steal Diapers from Walmart, you’ll be in Prison.