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Watergate Teaches Us That Democrats Should Broaden the Impeachment Charges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/04/watergate-teaches-us-democrats-should-broaden-impeachment-charges

Will Trump be damaged by impeachment for Ukraine situation only?
Bringing in Mueller verified, indictment of Trump so many months too late. after democrats should have, could have had some chance of a few republicans voting for the impeachment and maybe a few for conviction.

As of today, we still are told that 70% think Trump did wrong and about 50% want impeachment - which may mean removal from office. I did not see the poll question wording.

A few contributors here advise that Trump wins re-election if dems do not sign up our young people to vote, become active and interested. Second, the house i,peachment for Ukraine only may backfire. Third, Republicans having senate means even if dems win president and house, nothing gets accomplished.