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'Watershed Moment in Election Law' as Judge Rules 'Modern Day Poll Tax' in Florida Unconstitutional

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/25/watershed-moment-election-law-judge-rules-modern-day-poll-tax-florida


I would speculate that participating in the voting process would likely reduce the recidivism rate. Enfranchisement is a positive force, a welcome back to society, as it were. The draconian conditions in the U.S. penal system need to cease as of yesteryear. They do not work. A lack of freedom is all that is necessary for punishment. Destruction of the individual just sows seeds of woe upon release. Our puritanical mindset is FUBAR and must be reformulated. The Norwegians are the leaders in this field. Getting back to the subject at hand, the Norwegians by and large do not reflect the “values” of Republicans.


What I would like to know is, is the Florida Democratic Party and the DNC currently registering all of these folks who have had their voting rights suspended in anticipation of them voting in November? Or are they going to do what they have always done when faced with obstacles like these, and bitch, moan, and call the republicans “big meanies”?
My guess is the latter.


All the DNC does is support republican-lite candidates. We can expect absolutely nothing positive to come out of that office. The Dims have already shown us that they stand for their corporate benefactors. Removing Trump will produce limited gains, again, for the wealthy. Removing Pelosi and replacing her with ANYONE who actually cares about ALL of their constituents would be an Enormous Benefit. I don’t care how many ‘little favors’ she manages to secure for ordinary people, she’s just another multi-millionare that wants everyday Americans to sacrifice themselves for the Economy or her own personal welfare. May she drop over dead before she has another chance to screw us. AMEN


I can’t speak for the state dem party, but I do know local party officials have been active in registering felons, walking them through the maze put up by the repug’s, and finding them lawyers to get through this maze, including getting counties and cities to drop their fines or set-up payment plans that gets them through that part of the maze. Many other groups are also helping with this effort in the state.
There is a legal YT platform called “Ring of Fire” produced in Pensacola, they track class action suits around the country, and provide information about bad consumer products that will most likely become class action suits. They have many vids on their channel about this subject. A search under “FL. felon voting rights” on their platform will bring these up.
A side note, the platform speaker, despises everything republican, and actually went to school with Matt Gaetz. He takes special pleasure in outing the stupid sh*t Gaetz does.


Well that’s nice. Lots of important races in FL in November. Would be great if the Republicans got knocked back.



My God, do we really have to continually rehash this stuff? How many court battles over elections, voter and voting rights, must we endure.

Someday we will get tired of the elite passing us the utter when the milk is nearly gone.
And then overcharge us for the cheese and whine.

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How wonderful to hear such reasoning based on the law.

I’m a felon (cultivation of cannabis, over 20 years ago) but in court I asked the judge to specify that I can continue to be able to vote, and he did! I’m sure ,now, it was only because I’m a white(haole in Hawaiian) Woman. We’ve done our time, we should vote.

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Also, can’t believe I get it delivered LEGALLY now!

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Let’s hope Florida increases the polling services so that there are no voting lines. An hour wait is enough to keep many from being able to vote.

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