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Wave of Opposition Derails EU Bid to Extend Use of Toxic Herbicide


Wave of Opposition Derails EU Bid to Extend Use of Toxic Herbicide

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A wave of opposition has slammed the brakes on a plan to re-approve the use of Monsanto's toxic glyphosate in the European Union as a number of member states, buoyed by growing public outcry, launched a shock rebellion against the proposal.

European Commission leaders met behind closed doors in Brussels on Monday to hold a vote on whether to extend authorization of the use of the weed-killer for 15 years, before its license expires in June.


If the entire world, most especially Americans, dont fight against the evil that is embodied in Monsatan and the poison-chemical, poison agriculture conglomerate, we will lose our priceless pollinators and much else besides!

The Web of Life - the Tapestry of Life, is real, it is a way of defining that all things are connected and if we continue to allow the destruction of the tapestry, the extermination of creatures great and small by the depraved and/or greed-driven, we also destroy ourselves, and all the technology we will ever create, all the faith many believe-in, will never replace the irreplaceable - Gaia, Mother Earth, Mother Nature......


And then there's this.......

"New research shows regulatory “safe” limits for glyphosate may not be safe at all

The approval process for glyphosate herbicide is disputed because the commercial herbicide formulations as sold and used contain additives or co-formulants, which are more toxic than glyphosate alone. Yet glyphosate alone is tested to calculate the ADI or acceptable daily intake, the level that is supposedly safe to consume over the long term. That's in spite of the fact that we are exposed to the formulations, not the isolated presumed active ingredient glyphosate.

A new study shows that the acceptable daily intake (ADI), the supposedly safe level, for glyphosate is unreliable in terms of assessing the risks of the complete commercial formulations that we are actually exposed to.

The co-formulants were shown in the new study to have a far more powerful endocrine-disrupting effect at lower doses than the isolated active ingredient, glyphosate.

The complete formulations were also found to have much greater endocrine disrupting effects at lower doses than glyphosate alone.

The research shows that the ADI should be calculated from toxicity tests on the commercial formulations as sold and used.

In the new study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the researchers measured the endocrine disruptive effects of the co-formulants of six glyphosate herbicides. They measured the activity of aromatase, a key enzyme for the balance of sex hormones, in human placental cells, using a method validated by the OECD to assess endocrine disruptors.

The aromatase activity was significantly decreased both by the co-formulants alone and by the formulations, from doses 800 times lower than the agricultural dilution. But glyphosate alone only showed such an effect from one-third of the agricultural dilution (in other words, glyphosate was much less of an endocrine disruptor than the co-formulants and the formulations)."



A corporation with the kind of money Monsanto commands can always find a chump or organization head honcho capable of being bought. That is OBVIOUSLY the case here:

"Despite this, the European Commission's proposal to extend its use relies on a highly-criticized assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) conducted by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) that glyphosate is "non-carcinogenic." Not only has that study been strongly rebuked by nearly 100 scientists who point to "serious flaws" in its scientific evaluation, much of the evidence is based on research that Monsanto and other glyphosate producers refuse to disclose due to supposed "trade secrets," according to a recent study by the watchdog Corporate Europe Observatory."

Monsanto funds research departments at universities to ensure that results match its generous donations.

And the few brave, principled scientific researchers who fund their own studies and can SHOW the deleterious impacts of Monsanto's anti-life & anti-nature products are either targeted, demonized, or silenced.

Monsanto is one of the most dangerous companies in the world in what it produces and how it goes about creating support for its lethal products.

Bravo to those European groups working hard to oppose Monsanto's control of what we eat... and too much of the natural world.

Let's hope enough groups break away in order to freeze TIPP and TPP in their odious tracks!


I agree with your post up to the part about "we allowing."

Monsanto might as well be an arm of the armed forces. It likely HAS that level of protection due to its complicity in war acts and war crimes going back to Vietnam. This statement is made on account of its profligate use of Agent Orange... this, in turn, created continued streams of Cancer in that poisoned land.


From Arkansas to DC, the Clintons have always been all in with Monsanto.

During her June 2014 speech to a GMO cartel convention in San Diego, Hillary admonished attendees to "put a new spin on GMOs that makes them more acceptable to young people".


Those protesting Monsanto's use of glyphosate got the Commission to put on its brakes.

It is time now to RAISE the stakes. Is it possible to get at least ONE country to threaten walking out if there in no renewal??


Read recently that glyphosate may now be showing up in every mother's breast milk in the United States, joining that old standby, dioxin.

There are no words to describe the depravity of a culture that creates and allows such a phenomenon to occur, and to continue. The poisoning of suckling infants by industrial toxins is a complete indictment of this way of life. This is a garbage, anti-life society that has not a single shred of moral authority nor justification to continue and expand.

It's a mistake, having compounded an earlier mistake, which compounded an earlier mistake, and on and on back to the very first insane impulse to view humanity as separate from nature. All of that historical evil and delusion has now culminated in this nightmarish corporate moloch known as Monsanto, which in broad daylight and without shame demands to poison every man, woman, and child, along with every natural space it can reach.


Definitely need to raise the stakes. The reinstatement of glyphosate is not "derailed" it is postponed. Perfect time to raise the stakes!

Also: Time for escalating nonviolent resistance and direct interference in the operation of all the chemical agricultural warfare companies.