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Waves of Kayaks Block the Path as Shell Rig Sets Sail for Arctic


Waves of Kayaks Block the Path as Shell Rig Sets Sail for Arctic

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In canoes and kayaks, anti-drilling activists early Monday faced down Shell's 40,000-ton drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, as it attempted to set sail from Seattle's Puget Sound to Arctic waters.


“Overstepping a 500-yard restricted “safety” zone around the behemoth rig.”: Go Seattle, go! Overstep and overstep because Life is what is of value and not the machine of death. GO, go, go! Everywhere we need to organize politically but simultaneously we need to stop the machine and a Gandhian style of mass non co-operation would be in order as this is a planetary emergency. “More kayakers continued to blockade the rig as it made its way through the Sound.”: This is how we shut the machine down.


I thank you, brave kayactivits, and much more importantly, Mother Earth thanks you! And by the way, sometimes David does vanquish Goliath…


What climate legacy?


An inspiring action. It’s definitely dangerous out there. Perhaps if the PTB hadn’t destroyed so many jobs, some of these brave activists might not have had the free time to take part. Heh heh.


Anyone happen to notice the place of registration of Shell’s rig? Talk about insult upon injury. Majuro is part of the Ratak island chain in the Marshall Islands, and it is slowly being submerged by rising seas. Over six hundred people had to be evacuated in 2014 because of high tides, and is the site of the Majuro Declaration, calling for greater awareness of global warming by world leaders.

No doubt Shell has registered this behemoth there to avoid taxes and regulation, but even that bunch of corporate drones ought to be able to see the irony in that.


As opposed to your great work Matti which has completely reformed the most powerful corporations on Earth! Thank you for your service making fun of people who have more guts and dedication and creativity than you do!


Thanks for the pertinent report!


Obama is a coward, a fraud and a puppet for the multi-national corporations. Get it. Obama is going to do nothing for the vast majority of Americans or to halt the impending ecological disaster facing life on this globe we call home, Earth. Remember what happened to Dr. King? Yes you coward, how can we forget. Yet you continue to send our military to die so you can look strong politically. I truly pity you.


The only thing that will block arctic drilling is not kayaks, nor any other protesting of superficial ‘identity issues’ and subordinate ‘symptom problems’ about global warming, but directly confronting the Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist EMPIRE, which is really the CAUSE of all these inter-related problems of our entire “ailing social order”!

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris (2011) “Dark Ages America, The Final Phase of Empire”


I’m certainly glad there was at least some resistance, even though it didn’t affect the outcome. But “Mattie’s” comment is spot on. It takes more than a spectacle, IMO.


It was a lot more useful that your shallow comments and negativity. Wake up!!! Time is running out for the Arctic and the human species. We don’t need glib comments from over achieving egos.


Shell Oil in coordination with the Obama Administration is heading to the Arctic to destroy that environment in the same manner that BP destroyed the Gulf of Mexico - which will never recover in our lifetime. We have let the Klowns loose. Shame on Obama who talks out of both sides of his mouth. I am ashamed that I voted for him -twice- and his “Change We Can Believe IN” bullshit slogan.


My heartfelt, tear-filled gratitude goes out to all the KAYAKTIVISTS in the Puget Sound attempting to STOP an impending tragedy from happening: destruction of the Arctic and all its inhabitants. May the Force be with you all!!!


Yeah Heins, just what IS the fucking point? You know where you are. That’s the second time one of your responses seemed really twisted. Those people out there are doing REAL THINGS. Now, compare your efforts here and report back with a written plan about how you plan to spend your days other than knocking people like these.


Here’s what I see (possibly) happening in the next couple years: People will laugh at the kayakers, just like they do at Greenpeace, etc. Then, an event like this happens and enough people get in the water. And the boat really does stop, Possibly because someone’s in charge and orders it (like a judge) whatever means it takes, it happens. There is stillness. And the prostitute mainstream media in the lower 48 decide for once for a novelty they will cover it in depth, Some more of the population finds out just a little more about Shell’s determination to stop at nothing. And, maybe drilling plans are actually changed.