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Ways to Save the World

Ways to Save the World

Kate Aronoff

With all the doom-and-gloom studies that have come out about climate change, you might be feeling a little guilty about your carbon footprint. Did you turn off the lights when you left for work this morning? Or leave the air conditioner running?

Doing what you can individually to bring down greenhouse gas emissions is important to keep in mind this Earth Day, April 22, although this can only make so big a dent. If we really want to make a difference, we have to confront the problem at its source and euthanize the fossil fuel industry.

Worldwide. Damn straight. I have no idea how to stop it everywhere, but stopping extraction anywhere is simply what’s necessary – the very first thing we should be talking about and, now that Mama is shouting so angrily, doing something about starting now. When something is absolutely necessary, you figure out how or die trying.

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Having read the intro that we should confront the problem at the source, I searched for any reference to the root cause - capitalism. The nearest I got was “the business model of the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with a habitable planet.”

The exploitation of nature is as fundamental to the profit system as the exploitation of working people. The market system is incapable of preserving the environment for future generations because it cannot take into account the long-term requirements of people and planet. The competition between individual enterprises and industries to make a profitable return on their investment tends to exclude rational and sustainable planning.

Because capitalism promotes the accumulation of capital on a never-ending and always expanding scale it cannot be sustainable. It is very feasible that we can organise society in harmony with nature’s limits. But it is impossible unless the profit motive is removed from determining production in human society.

The author wants the continuation of the market system and this means the continuation of the capitalist system which is the cause of the problems of global warming in the first place.
Can she answer the question how to achieve a zero growth, sustainable society whilst retaining a market system which includes an irresistible, built-in pressure to increase sales for profit and where if sales collapse, society tends to break down in recession, unemployment and financial crisis.

Capitalism is now a cult, a spectrum of cults and they “negotiate” to trade off the homilies and tithes - having learned each of its steps from institutionalized religions. This set of cults have developed the profile of cancerous growth and parasitic infestation over centuries. This cult is in denial that it has been in its death throes since it took hyper-feedings from Guttenberg’s invention. Contagion is its middle name and it made planet Earth its petri dish.

Bucky Fuller nailed it in '69 when he took the imaginings of space travel and wrote the Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Its time for an update. Any takers among you youngsters?

The public is clear, but the Ruling Class says otherwise. We want to save the world that the corporate and banking oligarchy are destroying with their rigged system.

If its not direct, its not democracy.

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The root cause of carbon emissions, I’m afraid, is fossil fuels. It so happens that dismantling the fossil fuel business would destroy capitalism as we know it, most probably. Anyone who looks at what’s left of Wall Street after the oil companies, and the banks behind them, write off the trillions in reserves already on the books – what you see is not pretty, if you like capitalism.

But it’s too late in the day to play games about economic persuasions anymore. Extraction of fossil fuels has to stop (finally, finally, some non group-thinkers are stepping forward to insist on this ultimate verity). In particular: if we switch to socialism tomorrow and keep extracting fossil fuels, then we’re continuing to rape Mama Earth – a crime which must stop, regardless. After we throw the extractivists underneath the jail for the high crime of ecocide, we’ll have to figure out how to restructure our socio-economic system without their generous help. First things first.

Definitely… Bucky said ,“To change the existing reality you have to create a new model and make the old one obsolete .”

I see it as our cultural story that we have to change .
The story we tell ourselves about what we believe is true about life .
It’s based on fallacy and myth.But it’s never been seriously challenged for millennia.
For a real in-depth understanding read the book Communion With God by Neale Donald Walsch it will become coherent.

It is frustrating alright. We were indifferent to a degree about whether our vote counted for much until all of the super close elections started happening.

So, here we are assuming our little energy saving efforts really don’t mean much.
Do we have to play this all the way out to the end game again?
Sure, it might be larger in scale as the last polluter could be a coal fired power plant instead of a back yard campfire, but a fight is a fight. Bring your garden hose or your squirt gun, but bring something.

Common Dreams writers need to STOP reporting the wildly overoptimistic expectations of the IPCC without reporting the best and most up-to-date science that says otherwise. Enough respected scientists have said it’s much more serious than that that we should believe it. We have less than 12 years to fully decarbonize global civilization. Time to make a New Green Deal happen no matter what it takes. Peaceful is the only way but assertive, provocative and determined. Stop underestimating the seriousness of the crisis.

But what’s the root cause of capitalism? How do we remove the profit motive?

Capitalism is certainly a proximal cause of climate catastrophe, but the cause of capitalism is the psychological condition of people in civilization. We can’t expect to save the world without addressing that.