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We All Have "Skin in the Game." That's Why We Need Medicare for All.


We All Have "Skin in the Game." That's Why We Need Medicare for All.

Chuck Idelson

If there is one defining symbol of how horribly broken our health care system is, this is it: One-third of all GoFundMe campaigns are created to pay for medical expenses, a stunning 250,000 campaigns that have raised an astonishing $650 million, CBS recently reported.

What’s behind this appalling portrait of tens of thousands of families having to beg for help to pay for critically needed care? A morbidly named concept branded as, “Skin in the Game.”


For many Murkins, especially young Murkins GO FUND ME has normalized begging for money and become their defacto medical insurance. Welcome to the third world Murka !

We are all one big medical bill away from begging and bankruptcy.

Despite Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) divulging the stats about Murkins skipping treatment in this article, their rigged polling continues to promote ACA tweaks while disparaging single payer medical insurance, including MFA.


What the MFA movement needs is a media campaign – and I’m talking TV included – that directly confronts the heathcare industrial complex when it starts broadcasting its bullshit memes. Hire the best creative agencies, pay for primetime ads, take the liars on, no holds barred.


Maybe when the first of the Fat cats start dying on the operating system----maybe then, the money players will have to play a different game.OR maybe with coming scary climate change—people will feel lucky to die on an operating table. : (


Why the hell do people even go to these go fund me sites? If you have spare money the more equitable thing is to give to a charity that does not reduce its beneficiaries to begging for assistance. One could even argue giving money to groups trying to get to a sane single payer system is a better use of spare money too. The sooner we can stop the insanity the sooner people won’t be going bankrupt due to health issues. I thought the go fund me idea was more for startup product ideas.


Two working senators died of brain tumors in one decade. But then that was not due to lack of care, and perhaps they were not fat enough for your meaning. By the way, why did they?


If all health care were under federal control, might the federal government possibly be more inclined to consider working on environmental health issues like air quality, water pollution, recycling, pesticide usage, …


Hi Helen: Hmm which 2 senators dies of brain tumors and which states were they from? It would be important to know that and see if their states had a lot of environmental issues—or were they inVietnam or In the ME when America was dropping depleted uranium everywhere and furiously burning all kinds of plastics?


Hi Helen…I agree because if we all had the exact heath care—the lobbyists would have to go somewhere else, and people wouldn’t be going broke and dying from lack of real health care.


McCain and Kennedy. Actually i look at electronic radiation as the cause of the increase in brain tumors in recent years.


HI Helen, electronic radiation? Do you mean like cell phones?


Dr. Magda Havas of Toronto has done extensive research on sources and effects of electronic radiation. Then there is the story of the runner who used to keep her phone tucked in her bra, which is where her cancer appeared. Children who had electronic monitors in their cribs, some higher cancer frequemcy there. You can get reports comparing the electric field of different models of phones. There is the sad story of many police who used to keep the radar gun in their lap, getting knee cancer, eye cancer, and testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is coming from laptops. Different models, different risk levels. Gentlemen, where do you carry your phone?

If you read through any old manual on how to wire a building, there will be a thousand ways to do it wrong cited, clearly stating health hazards, and only few ways to do it right. Modern electricity uses higher frequencies than older circuits, and the wiring is not required to be upgraded.
Some acientists are saying that the upcoming increase of phone service from 4G to 5G will be a nightmare healthwise. I have not yet read any clear documentation of what it entails.
I frequently get a muscle spasm in my knee when i enter a doorway which has a security signal going across it. I suffer a lot from this.
The amount of certain metals in a person’s chemistry can alter the susceptibility of someone to radiation damage.


Spot on. I get I’m the neoliberal sellout around here, but opponents aren’t going to ignore the numbers in the latest Kaiser Foundation poll. The sale hasn’t been made yet and it is going to take a full-on media campaign to push things that direction. And that ain’t enough either.


I’m under the imression that TV is off limits to the anti-establishment. Has been for a while.


In sott.net today:

Oh, this wont show up in MSM. It is not however just because of corporate as the Jane Goodall quote states. It is a major weapon in security, police and military. Shhhh!!! Everybody hits. All countries hit. All planes are equipped with it. Think minitaser.


Havas is a quack. A known quack for many years. Please stop misleading people here. Thanks.


Oh wow, Helen----te firefighters don’t want them either—AND they are going up wherever the corporations want-----and there is written into law r]that the public can’t do anything about it.


Not understanding about electrical fields is about like not understanding about climate. Lots of big dollars at stake. Lots of scientists are paid to argue. Merf, have you had classes in electrical engineering? Have you read any electrician handbooks? I have.
If you havent, think this way. More and more power put into thinner and thinner devices. What could go wrong?
Magda Havas is not a physician. She is an environmental scientist. Her information is data based. I talk about textbooks, data, textbooks. Where is your information from?


My spouse is an working industrial hygienist with a doctorate in environmental health from Drexel University. He works with this on a regular basis Helen, so yes I know what I am talking about. DO YOU? Again for the benefit of others -
Havas is yet another quack in the field. No peer respected scientist disagrees. Stop promoting quack science Helen. Thanks.


Ok. Next step. Climate scientists disagree about climate change. And medical professionals disagree on all kinds of issues. Ive seen a teaching professional trembling with rage over the issue of whole word versus phonics in lwarning to read.
I stand firm about the ongoing danger of electric field to humans and animals. But since your husband has stacks and stacks of papers to the contrary for his profession, i’m done trying to convince you. Peace, love. Just strongly disagree.