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We Already Know Who Will Win the War in Libya – Western Arms Dealers

We Already Know Who Will Win the War in Libya – Western Arms Dealers

Paul Rogers

In the shadow world of the arms trade there is one business model that outshines all others: selling arms to both sides in the same war. Ideally it works best when weapons you have sold to one side destroy weapons you have sold to the other. Thus if one side uses air-launched precision-guided missiles to destroy the other’s aircraft (or tanks, armoured personnel carriers or whatever), then it will need to buy replacement missiles, will need to have your people service its aircraft and, if it ‘wins’ the war it will most likely buy new planes from you as it rearms.

so true, the weapons makers make out fine and the people suffer. We’ve seen the west also destabilize the old Yugoslavia and there were plenty of arms sold then too, I wouldn’t be surprised if Venezuela is next or maybe Nicaragua again. But lets not let the warring factions in Libya and elsewhere off the hook, if they stopped fighting and really sought peace the merchants of death would not have a market.

Aljazeera reporting that Trump called the strong man fighting for Tripoli on Monday ----causing him to step up attacks against UN forces, WHAT???----DO WE LIVE IN A CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE??? If we lived in an open society—a democracy-- this would be front page news----what is happening in Libya should be front page news because it is the US that destabilized the whole country. There is a battle for Tripoli going on—the US president supports the strong man against UN forces and zero reporting by US corporate media???

WAR! What is it good for? Only the war profiteers…because they never lose.

And that’s why it never ends, they never lose.

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