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We and the Uighurs


We and the Uighurs

Christopher Brauchli

It’s all a matter of perception. Often the outside observer doesn’t have the proper view of things and fails to appreciate that what is observed is not what is actually taking place. Consider the Uighurs in far West China and illegal immigrants along the southwest border of the United States.


Sadly, we’re just scratching the surface of concentration camp construction. Soylent green is people:


Maybe the pot shouldn’t call the kettle black. Maybe the author of this article doesn’t know that the U.S. is helping Saudi Arabia carry out genocide in Yemen, as well as droning and bombing people in God knows how many countries, as well as financing Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, including shooting unarmed protestors down in cold blood and ethnic cleansing.

I can’t get excited about China’s crimes; too much to notice about our own government.


Not to mention weather and fire refugees, with conditions exacerbated by climate change.


The prison industrial complex is salivating like Pavlov’s dogs…


Would not be surprised if Xi and Trump traded ideas on how to deal with minorities in their countries.

The Chinese concentration camps are horrible, just as they are in the US. What these nations do to people in the name of “fighting terrorism” is terrorism itself.


You miss the point. Our govt is creating these same camps all over the country…detainment centers. That’s what the Chinese are doing with a Muslim population they want to eradicate, or at least it’s culture, primarily the Uighurs. Their cultural history and traditions. Their religious practices. Cultural identity is being crushed. By force of detention and re-education.


It is interesting how much less valence it has these days to call out the United States on its abuses by making comparisons to other countries held to be totalitarian–and not without some reason, certainly in China’s case.

I do remember when such things felt gravely threatening, even eerie.

These days, I read it and think something like “Huh. I had no idea China was running concentration camps too. I wonder whether they are really as bad–whether they are taking and selling the children or torturing or running bogus medical experiments or that sort of thing.”


There is no evidence that China wants to eradicate either the Uighur people or Islam. In fact there is no evidence that these camps even exist.
It has to be borne in mind that the Uighur problem is related entirely to the 20,000 Uighur fighters employed by the US in Syria. Xinkiang has long been subject to US and Turkish attempts to use local fighters, trained in Wahhabism, firstly for Al Qaeda purposes and secondly to undertake terrorist attacks in China itself.
America has more people in jails and concentration camps than China with four times its population. The only explanation for articles such as this one is that writers cannot give up the cheap thrills of Cold War xenophobia/anti communism. In part because they know that the audience just loves to read horror stories about china.
Why not send a reporter to Xinkiang to learn about these camps? A million is a substantial part of the population of Uighurs, if they are in jail it should be easy enough to meet with their relatives.
Or is it easier just to repeat the claims of NGOs that make their living out of seeing ‘abuses’ in countries opposing US imperialism. And seeing none in the US’s allies, like Israel or Saudi Arabia.


Interesting, Bevin. My better half visited Xinjiang barely a year ago, and found most Muslims there, including Uighers, cheerful and helpful. I heard some have gone national as entertainers and sports personalities, and are staying in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. On the current allegations against China, I found comments at some websites which would add to your posting:

" Reuters’ claim that the UN had condemned China for holding a million Uighurs in camps is completely false. The UN did not report China has “massive internment camps” for Uighur Muslims, as Ajit Singh and Ben Norton of Grayzone Project reported: “Numerous major media outlets, from Reuters to The Intercept, have claimed that the United Nations has reports that the Chinese government is holding as many as 1 million Uighur Muslims in ‘internment camps.’ But a close examination of these news stories, and of the evidence behind them — or the lack thereof — demonstrates that the extraordinary claim is simply not true. A spokesperson from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) confirmed in a statement to the Grayzone that the allegation of Chinese ‘camps’ was not made by the United Nations, but rather by a member of an independent committee that does not speak for the UN as a whole. That member happened to be the only American on the committee, and one with no background of scholarship or research on China….”

Read the complete article: https://grayzoneproject.com/2018/08/23/un-did-not-report-china-internment-camps-uighur-muslims/