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'We Apologize' for Trump's Reckless Aggression, US Peace Advocates Say in Letter to Iranian People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/24/we-apologize-trumps-reckless-aggression-us-peace-advocates-say-letter-iranian-people


I have been hoping for some time now that a message from the NON war mongering people of America could be conveyed. The day has come.


Great idea, perhaps if we did this with all of our so-called enemies around the world, we could maybe have a little peace.


Terrific movement to join regardless of the Iranian regime’s hegemonic expenditures while their people suffer. Yet this mirrors U.S. v. the Washington regime that in a continuum between administrations of our duopoly has been regime changing, flooding the world with weapons and weaponized tech along with the trainers and forces to put the most sadistic elements of control on streets of nations that had no power to do us harm and no demonstrable ill intent. Not just the Dulles Brothers RepubliCrat regimes that sent cables to our CIA staffed embassies around the world with orders to “MAKE THEIR ECONOMY SCREAM…” as Kissinger and Nixon sent to Santiago, Chile with the US Navy just off the Chilean coast to back up the military coup that ushered in the Neo-Liberal E-CON Revolution that was not televised…

The real way to undo the Revolution that was not televised during my lifetime, or at least subvert it is for all of U.S. to return to the small window of opportunity we had when the USSR unraveled into the Russian Federation and our Cold War should’ve ended. Recall our public discussions on how we might redirect our PEACE DIVIDEND? That phrase has been most industriously banished down Orwell’s Memory Hole by our own Daddy Warbucks and the Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrines adopted by Conservatives and Liberals, Democrats and Republicans, Right Wingers and Left Wingers, the Religious and the Secular Humanists from communal cooperatives like Mondragon to the Predatory Capitalists who now prevail in our Age of Global Oligarchy with concentrations of unaccountable wealth like nothing in recorded human history.

Words to sleep and dream by as well as wake, rise and act (or refuse to act; Like what if our leaders and Daddy Warbucks called for a war and nobody showed up on the foreign soil since when’s the last time an army attacked U.S. soil?): PEACE DIVIDEND

The mix disc soundtrack could include Buffy Sainte-Marie’s “WAR RACKET” from 2018’s MEDICINE SONGS; Dylan’s “MASTERS OF WAR” first recorded in 1964 by Roebuck Pops Staples and the Staples Singers (daughter Mavis Staples recording and performing career going strong regardless of the Obama 2008 SNUB. Nobel Committee notwithstanding, we came in short order to see the continuum rather than any break from Washington’s most homicidal, sadistic and warlike tendencies that Barack Obama, author of THE AUDACITY OF HOPE actually manifested and has come to represent)…Tim Hardin’s Live at Town Hall with that amazing jazz band recording from April 1968 with “SMUGGLIN’ MAN” on it that was brave as heck being recorded in NY by one of the first ‘military advisors’ dispatched to Vietnam in the early Sixties who returned to his rainy PoTown, Ore hometown with a monkey on his back and having seen too much truth hidden from most Americans via our Mass Communication Weapons of Mass Distraction. Dear Timmy Hardin who nailed the foreign policies we as U.S. are complicit in as Washington hasn’t changed course much even with civil rights, anti-war and New Deal movements that come and go like our predatory capitalism’s boom and bust cycles…Another song for our PEACE DIVIDEND mix disc, John Cale’s “MERCENARIES (READY FOR WAR)” so we can recognize ourselves either as the mercenaries archetyped in the solo Velvet Undergrounder’s epic psychotic rant or as the silent enablers…And we should always include from the strange brew of John Cale’s one-off collaboration with Dylan sidekick Bob Neuwirth on the 1994 concept album and sound collage LAST DAY ON EARTH the song that has haunted the world through our extended AGE OF DISPLACEMENT, never more perfectly suited to our current Cling’d Impeachment Kroger store special: “WHO’S IN CHARGE?” For an encore and perspective we’d have to add the Allen Toussaint April 2007 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest Big Tent show stopper “WHO’S MINDING THE STORE?”

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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“Offering our hands in peace,” would necessarily consist of us all effectively opposing our tag-team kleptocracy’s ceaseless wars of extractive Capitalism; robbing, enslavement & murder. There are 332 million Americans sending carrier fleets, cruise missles, Marines, Special Forces, mercenaries, drones & huge armies of our puppet regimes & hated sadistic fascist allies.

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Beli, I looked around and we are usually alone when …
EU / NATO has to be concerned with Brexit, Trump, Israel going forward.
Where is South America, Central America and Mexico on our target board?

Canada, New Zealand, Australia and England are left to consider.

England owns the USA plus the other three as parts of their empire.

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What the Amerikan, war mongering, fascists have been doing in my name as a U.S. citizen and taxpayer has made me embarrassed to say the least. Thank you Code Pink for your service to Shanti ( Sanskrit for PEACE ). I WOULD HOPE THIS PETITION WOULD TELL THE IRANIAN PEOPLE THAT MILLIONS OF AMERICANS DO NOT APPROVE OF WHAT IS BEING DONE IN OUR NAMES!

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You left out “Sounds of Silence” by DISTURBED

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Iran opposes the Jewish subjugation of the Palestinians, opposes the Saudi dictatorship and Saudi inspired terrorism against Shia, they held our embassy staff hostage when they overthrew the savage dictator we had installed and wanted to rule over them so we could take their oil on the cheap, they resent us at having armed Iraq with chemical weapons in order to take them down, losing over a million lives, they helped the Iraqis fight against our illegal war against Iraq, they helped foil the terrorists takeover of Syria when Israel wanted Assad (a conduit of aid to the Palestinian resistance) gone, they resent that we abused their trust in reneging on the nuclear deal after they had complied to their cost and detriment. This is this long history of Iranian resistance to U.S.–Israeli hegemony: how can we be expected to allow this rotten Iranian conduct to continue. Now we need to squash Iran into submission primarily so that the Jewish subjugation of the Palestinians and Jewish-Israeli land grabs can be completed unopposed (with perhaps an added bonus for us of once again getting Iranian oil on the cheap). Right is on our side. Their influence in the region must end.


“Disturbed’s” Sounds of Silence cover is a poignant description of our republican senators sitting as jurors.

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“Please accept our hand in friendship,” says the letter. “May the peacemakers prevail over those who sow hatred and discord.”
Count me in with this effort. Those who advocate war usually have never experienced it firsthand; the senseless killing and wounding of usually young people sent to the front to do the dirty work for some insane, “leadership” which is, as per tradition far removed from the actual blood and guts of the battlefield.

I am sad and sorry too Iran. You , Iran, were once the only democracy in the Middle East-----now there is none at all. From 1953 and on, the United States has been attacking to steal your oil. Israel attacks you constantly, and since 1953, we have a military that seeks to run the world. After 18 years----admit it US Military----you are not very Good at war. You were once because Europe had been blown up, and for a while you could rule the world, but in the 1970s Japan and Honda changed the manufacturing landscape world with HONDA—and after that other nations could make their own stuff too.
America, you were kind of like the prom king and queen in high school—but you kept thinking that was a cool thing—it was while you were in high school----but come on, that was a long time ago and you haven’t grown or even moved on,
The ONLY war any military should be fighting is the CLIMATE CRISIS WAR, and all the nations need tp fight that war together. So---- turn in your prom crowns----it’s time to grow up, political and military America–the planet needs some adult action now!

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As horrible as it is, there is an advantage to having your infrastructure destroyed. You get to build fresh from the ground up. Rethink the ways have been done, and recreate using more modern ideas and methods.

While those who “win” the war stagnate and eventually collapse because change of this level isn’t possible when there are entrenched systems that resist change… and want to pocket more profit.

Hi Seeker:
Re: infrastructure: The military could be so useful if they could transition from killing complete strangers to building things like dams and roads and bridges and all kinds of infrastructure so places like New Orleans wouldn’t be failed by their government again.

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