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We Are All Here Together


We Are All Here Together

This weekend marked the 75th anniversary of FDR's Executive Order forcing the internment of over 120,000 men, women and children - over half U.S. citizens - who happened to be of Japanese descent. With an Islamophobic despot now summoning those "terrible echoes from the past," many Americans are standing up to say "Never Again" to the racist demagoguery of suggesting, "There are those who belong here and those who do not."


When will "Progressives" stop setting precedents that Republicans can later use against us?

Short list:
1. Roosevelt creates concentration camps and everyone here loves Roosevelt.
2. The essentials of the Patriot Act were put in place by Democrats under the Clinton administration after the 1992 WTC bombing. Bush II just put a little lipstick on the pig and re-branded it.
3. The Obama administration set into law the abomination that the government can force U.S. citizens to buy the products of giant corporations whether they want them or not. When Trump gets a law passed making us buy stuff from Halliburton the screams will terrible, but completely hypocritical.
4. The Obama administration demanded warrant-less access to our browser histories and email and phone data. But, but Trump is Hitler!

Two words that explain why we have Trump as president:
Hillary Clinton.
Worst. Candidate. Ever.