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We Are All Indigenous

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/29/we-are-all-indigenous

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Pacha Mama will determine when Civilization Terminus moves from theory to reality. The historians will only record the events in their…oh, wait, never mind…

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We need to return to transhumanism. There was a time when homo sap knew it was part of the whole, that all we needed came from Gaia, and we also knew we had to give in return. But something happened, something twisted in homo sap. Perhaps a cell mutation. Call it what you will, but some of us thought we were above it all, that Gaia was given to us to dominate, to rape, to pillage, to use, and then some sky god would swoop down and remake the world, allowing the chosen people to live on this new world.
Anyway, that evolutionary skew has doomed us as a species, and a good many others as well. However, Gaia will survive in some form, as will life.

There are so many benefits for a change in course, this one is rapidly causing more problems than it is possible to solve.

Excellent article, one of the best I read. Thank you.

Excellent and relevant piece. Here is a link to a book that expands on some the ideas in this article: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Instructions-Indigenous-Teachings-Sustainable/dp/1591430798