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We Are All Pro-Choice

We Are All Pro-Choice

Eileen McCabe

On July 9, 2018, President Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh as the nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. While Kavanaugh, like past candidates does not clearly state his opinion openly about Roe v. Wade, his anti-choice views are clear from other sources. If confirmed, Roe as well as other settled law regarding birth control and abortion will be in peril.


The following paragraphs are excerpted from an article published in Scientific American. The full article is here:

“A stark indication of the risk in seeking abortion in the pre-Roe era was the death toll. As late as 1965, illegal abortion accounted for an estimated 17 percent of all officially reported pregnancy-related deaths—a total of about 200 in just that year. The actual number may have been much higher, but many deaths were officially attributed to other causes, perhaps to protect women and their families. (In contrast, four deaths resulted from complications of legally induced abortion in 2012 of a total of about one million procedures.)”

“The burden of injuries and deaths from unsafe abortion did not fall equally on everyone in the pre-Roe era. Because abortion was legal under certain circumstances in some states, women of means were often able to navigate the system and obtain a legal abortion with help from their private physician. Between 1951 and 1962, 88 percent of legal abortions performed in New York City were for patients of private physicians rather than for women accessing public health services.”


Those willing to eliminate the right to a safe and legal abortion are willing to precipitate a public health crisis. How dare they twist morality to justify this!


my last pregnancy was ectopic. i went 12wks before it threatened to rupture the tube it was in. i remember a woman telling me i was going to rot in hell for having surgery to save my life. these people who are not pro choice have probably never had to face such a choice. this baby was wanted. me personally, no one had the right to make the decision for me. just as no one has the right to make a woman go through an unwanted pregnancy. it horrifies me to think of how that child must be treated and we all know the republicans only care when the baby is being carried and not after. as for the afterlife i am pretty sure this woman will not be floating on a cloud to heaven as she was quite judgemental and i am pretty sure my God understands. we saw enough death before roe vs wade, lets not legally demand more.


You really had no choice Jackye…An ectopic pregnancy is not viable. The insanity regarding abortion–I attribute to the religious wing–showing horrible pictures of abortions and torn apart fetuses. Emotional reaction trumps logical deduction every time when it comes to horrific pictures.

This article was one of the best I’ve read on the subject. If everyone could just realize–pregnancy, abortion, sex, etc. are all personal matters. They have nothing to do with government.


Each and every one of us, has a choice, regarding anything to do with ourselves.

No one, has a right to impose “their” choice for “themselves” on anyone, but their own person.



If you have ever temporarily & metaphysically wished that you were never born

you are Pro-Choice.

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A family that I knew had four children and were looking forward to a new baby.
Then the woman became very ill. It was a heart breaking decision, but they decided
to terminate the pregnancy. The point is that the family and her doctor made this
decision, not a right-wing court or a church. Without the abortion the fetus and
the mother would have died and four small children would have been left motherless.


I’ll only try to provide a bit of food for thought here. Not everyone is aware that we as human beings are a duality of flesh and Spirit. Our flesh comes forth from the Earth the same as all living things on Earth. But our Spirit sometimes called Consciousness is derived from the Eternal Creator or Great Spirit or God if you prefer. When a person goes unconscious their Spirit has vacated the body and departed for parts known only to God. Except in the case of true death the Spirit always returns to the body to continue with its life.

Great article.
Freedom is all about choice.
Don’t be fooled by those, mostly extremist christian zealots, who demand the right to control your choices because of that ‘special’ book they revere and follow.
Notice that this corrupted christianity is well ensconced in the halls of power, and is spreading its secretive, distorted madness throughout society. Whether it is anti abortion, aggressive militarism, american exceptionalism, or manifest destiny, these people are anti life sickos and should be recognized publicly as such.


Yes this is the truth life never ends because it never begins it’s an eternal process.
Laws are based on what they believe God’s Laws would be .This justifies all sorts of behaviours .

Nothing can happen against the will of the universe. Life and all that’s occurring, is an expression of God’s will …your will -made manifest .Your will is God’s will .That is because there is only One of us here
It is arrogant beyond measure for you to believe that you can affect the universe in a way with which the universe does not agree.

Our laws are primitive our understanding of life limited .

Pro-Choice IS Pro Health and Pro Life… Anybody who says they are Pro Life should have to prove they are paying their taxes and are for Healthcare For ALL like the rest of the developed world…

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Yup, same people who fought Slavery, instituted Jim Crow laws and anti Chinese and anti Jewish immigration… and who have instituted laws for the poor, but not the rich…Imagine your kid has three strikes and then KNOW that the banksters have tens of strikes and NOBODY goes to JAIL…

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I like that ,have you noticed that all the books are old ones .It’s like going into a 21st century operating theatre with first century tools …it doesn’t work. We can never evolve if we use these old books as our guide .

The problems in our world are created by the folks that believe they know what god wants and needs .
Have we noticed that ?

Life /God needs and wants nothing …

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These people are PRO HATE, nothing else but that… They are not there for the parents of disabled children…and do not support the basic life needs for those parents such as a LIVING WAGE and HEALTHCARE FOR ALL, let alone vacations and sick time… WE ARE THE SHAME of the Developed World…


Military generals are pro choice.