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We Are All the Easter Bunny


We Are All the Easter Bunny

As might be expected, the annual White House Easter Egg Roll was David-Lynch-level bizarro: Next to a stunned Easter Bunny and before thousands of kids gathered to push an egg with a spoon, Trump gave a bewildering speech boasting of our military strength - "Just think of $700 billion!" - said the White House "or whatever you want to call it" is in "tippy-top shape," and berated Democrats on DACA: "It should have never happened." Tell us about it.


If the bunny wasn’t so short, I’d swear it was his wife - using the expression she came off with repeatedly while plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech right after the trumps won the election.


The expression on the rabbit looks like, I can’t believe he did that to me.


What would Harvey think?


Thank you Chuck and Nancy for blowing up the budget------Hey kids you just got screwed by all the military profiteers-enjoy those free eggs because your all going to be working five jobs to pay off all the debt we have created .


Yes, minorities are always to blame for a majority action. May next time Nancy can sneak a Kalashnikov into the chamber and stop passage of a bill that way…


Another irrational ramble. Color me shocked. If there is a ‘deep state’ I cannot understand why they are allowing this to go on and on and on . Is there no Jason Bourne or John Wick and the like available? All hope is pinned on Mueller and he cannot hope to take down the entire corrupt circus…
He and his entire criminal enterprise need to be removed… before we have no hope of restoring some semblance of a republic… if we still do have a chance which i sincerely doubt…


McTrumpthy – the Grinch who stole Easter!


It could be worse, we could all be pigs in gestational pens. Or chickens with our beaks cut of off. Easter left the building long before Trump.


one word: repulsive!


I’m not sure you understand what you’re asking for. Yes there are Jason Bourne and John Wick like people. Dismantling the Deep State protectors is possible, but it would take a small army of these type of operators with a huge amount of planning, a lot of weapons, precise execution, a boatload of luck. And make no mistake it won’t be with protesting, but a lot of bloody battles. Most Americans won’t be able to stomach it. If you believe removing the Trump circus is going achieve this, I’m afraid you’re mistaken, the problem is way beyond him. I’m not trying to ruin you’re day, just bring you into reality.
I also think you’re going to be very disappointed, if you believe Mueller is going to deliver a big change. After all he’s one of “them”.


Understand the ramifications of what this last budget deal did----it unleashed billions for the military-----and Schumer spoke glowingly that finally these caps were lifted. They needed democrats in order to lift these caps. What we are spending on the military has bankrupt this country.


Do you have reading comprehension issues that make you unable grasp point of my post? Good grief. What a bozo