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'We Are at a Crisis Point' Warns New Report Exposing 'Science Under Siege' From the Trump Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/03/we-are-crisis-point-warns-new-report-exposing-science-under-siege-trump

Science from a sharpie is only one idjit’s idea.

Luckily it is a wide world.

A report from the BBC just out tells us of the largest ever scientific expedition to the Arctic Sea Ice. A German icebreaker, the Polarstern, is freezing in as we write this for a year long free ride across the top of the world. The science suite is multi-disciplinary and multi-country, apparently, and I think Common Dreams should make a point of keeping us appraised of the new findings which will surely be found.

I realize the obvious interest in goings on in the Beltway, but either you take the climate crisis seriously or you do not. Let’s have at least bi-monthly reports on the findings of the “MOSAIC” expedition if you please?

Do you think this a good idea @PonyBoy ?

Climate change: Polarstern icebreaker begins year-long Arctic drift (BBC - Science)

As for the science denial in the United States - we know this, and it will not end any time soon, so lets look elsewhere and stop the navel-gazing !

many in Calgary