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'We Are at a Monumental Turning Point': Sued by 38 Attorneys General, Google Hit With Third Antitrust Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/17/we-are-monumental-turning-point-sued-38-attorneys-general-google-hit-third-antitrust


Google—you’ve changed----you used to say "Don’t be EVIL…but you gone to the evil side.: (
I can no longer use you google, or maybe we should call you GROGle as you seem to be drunk on power---------AND I CAN’T TRUST YOU ANYMORE! GOOD BYE GROGle.
I’m seeing someone else now…a DUCK and that duck can GO FREElY through the world without spying on me. : )


Tempest in a tea kettle. Pick your battles. These tech companies like Amazon, if they were a guy living next to you, would be arrested. Bezos knows when your daughter has her first period, date and sex. Blame google all you want. But data analysis is taking place everywhere from CC expense to searches. The way to control this is as follows: every time one of the tech giants sells a search with your search in it, any piece of your data from the zip to the phone, or any of your history on FB you are paid a quarter for that info. At the end of every month all the tech companies send you a check and a list of what they sold. That is the best we can hope for.

Meanwhile, Congress is enabling Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, and other monopolies to start their own banks without requiring them to maintain the financial reserves that banks must maintain to get FDIC coverage.

thats kind of similar to a vampire, isn’t it?

Hi Duckpins:
I am hoping that more people diss Google—and that’s worth a lot—even more than money.
AND----I applaud the Attorneys General! : )

I don’t like the pricing out of the market tactics necessarily.
But I don’t like people fixing things that I don’t consider to be broken.
If I like my Milwaukee Dill Pickles I don’t care if some other company can’t figure a way to be competitive.
If I like a brand of clothing, I don’t care if someone else can’t find their way into the market and be competitive.
I use google many times a day and have had zero problems with them.
Although I seem to recall a marketing thing they are presently trying to start. We’ll see.