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We Are Being Lied Into War Again

We Are Being Lied Into War Again

Lee Camp

I was 23 when we invaded Iraq, and I wasn’t sure it was based on lies, but something deep down in me—just behind the spleen—told me it was based on lies. Kinda like if your blind date shows up and you notice he has a 2004 flip phone. It seems vaguely worrisome, and no explanation he can haltingly supply will put you at ease. Plus, anyone else who acts like it’s normal also becomes suspect.


Now we’re getting to the point where the actual rulers—the Trump administration, etc.—are not even hiding their corruption.

Why should they? No one is holding them accountable for their actions.


It’s truly dizzying that the corporate media preserve the propaganda even after the “leaders” have revealed their true sinister intentions.

Sorry Lee, but are you that naive? Stop treating the media as a separate entity from the war machine. The media serve as the establishment’s “Spokesperson” if you will. They are one in the same.

Wish pundits on the Left would get that.


Oops. Lee Camp forgot about that red line in Syria!

Also, 91 per cent of the country obtain their news from six consolidated networks, heavily represented by the military industrial complex.


Lee most certainly DOES get it. His is one of the best shows on RT at the moment.


First of all I enjoyed Camp’s humour regarding this article. When pointing out the absurd, I think it is vital to have a sense of humour so that we don’t end up in a comatose state of despair.
Too many people still rely on the MSM to get their ‘news’ even though most Americans are suspicious of media in general. To make matters worse, too many Americans also believe that the media is NOT controlled by wealthy corporations to promote imperialism and shopping, but rather a left wing conspiracy where all of the poor people concerned about human rights and democracy have conspired to undermine ‘capitalism’ and enslave us all by secretly replacing honest journalists with nasty communists!
If the U.S. is unable to produce a candidate for President next year that truly represents the concerns of the 99%, I’m afraid that armed revolution will have to follow. It will be incredibly violent as the 1% has convinced a sizeable majority of Americans that the 1% is not the problem, but instead it is the socialists in the shadows with their promises of Medicare-for-all and free college tuition that will destroy America from within. It is our “high wages” that prevent us from competing with $10 a day Chinese workers and poor, illegal immigrants “stealing our jobs” that is at the heart of our economic malaise. And let us not forget how important it is to spend over 59% of our discretionary spending on the largest military in the world to protect us from the evils of socialism! These are the basic tenets of investor capitalism in the U.S. today.
The civil war will be tough as so many Americans have bought into the propaganda despite their own poverty and miserable existence. Too many Americans will die for the 1% simply because they haven’t figured out the root causes of their pain. Our own military will be ordered to kill their fellow Americans with the same labels the 1% uses now to demonize anyone who stands in the way of corporatism. Progressives will be called anti-semites, communists, socialists, radicals, heretics, agents of foreign governments and other silly monikers as the puppet masters on Wall Street will direct their minions in D.C. to preserve wealth inequality, imperialism and the status quo at all costs.
I’m not sure who will win this battle as the rich have been successfully waging class warfare for generations, but it will be be a battle that will ultimately determine if the human species will survive this century.


Decent, but not on the same par as Chris Hedge’s On Contact, nor
Afshin Rattansi’s Going Underground. IMHO

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As has been pointed out several times, the Western media and the US Government is fundamentally racist on this issue. The Maduro supporters and those who elected him to power tended to be the poorer people of darker complexions. Those that are in the Guaido camp tend to be desendants of the Spanish conquerers who ran the Country for centuries and we generally much better off financially. Western media refers to Government supporters as mobs whereas those opposing are referred to as Civil society.

China and Russia were also making inroads into Venezuela. China was investing in further development of the Oil fields and Russian firms had been granted the right to build mines to access major gold deposits found there. Pompasso along with the 1 percent in the rest still operates under the Colonial mentality wherein they feel these resources belong, by rights, to the 1 percent investor class.

This is very comparable to Empire building of the 18th , 19th and 20th centuries where European powers, pushed by their one percent claimed great chunks of the world as there own. The East India Company as example called on the Brirish Military to annex India when various rulers in India decided not to trade with them. The French and British accelerated their race to divvy up Africa when Germany became a player there. WW1 was sparked by the Kaiser building a railroad to Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, this sparking fears that Germany would threaten Oil fields in Iran which was the British Empires only source of oil when they transitioned from Coal to Oil to fuel their Navy.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Democracy or Human rights. It all about control of resources so as to plunder them to line the pockets of the 1 percent. Any other explanation is a LIE and the US Empire is built on LIES.


By the way just to illustrate one of the points you are making. A British Politician has recently suggested that people that are anti-capitalist tend to be anti-semites.

Obviously my linking to a RT article makes me a “Putin Stooge” working for Russia as far as these same people concerned.

Here an article by a British Journalist making the same links. If you are against Capitalism you are anti-semitic.


Jimmy Dore and Greg Palast.



The MSM provides many things but not investigative journalism or “news”. If they spent half as much time investigating our governments true motives in foreign countries as they do on R. Kelly’s domestic problems…not saying abuse of other people isn’t an important subject but the MSM seems clueless or delusional when it comes to abusing other nations. Entertainment, sensationalism and ratings is what they do best.


In my opinion, there is no more successful propaganda machine in history than that of the government of Israel (unless maybe you consider religion in aggregate.) Anything even remotely approaching a criticism of the government, its policies, its members, or any entity promoting them (AIPAC) is immediately and often viciously labeled as anti-Semitic. In many parts of the United States today, loyalty to Israel seems to take precedence over loyalty to the U.S. The simple fact that “semitic” is a term to be applied solely and specifically to Jews is a brilliant coup all by itself.

It also seems to me that using attacks on capitalism as proof of antisemitism plays into the age old bigotry regarding Jews that most progressive people have fought to dispel over the centuries. The only people interested in such attacks would be the fascists, especially the Nazi element, and they are among the most stalwart defenders of predatory capitalism, so this seems to me to be a pretty desperate move on the part of the anti-socialist lobby.

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They are not clueless or delusional. They know exactly what they are doing. They serve the Empire and they know their job is to tell the Empire’s narrative. Take Russia or Venezuela for example. Both targets of the empire. So, the media (including NPR) flood the market with stories which are negative in nature about both countries and are largely falsehoods.

The sensationalism you mentioned is also done by design to distract the American public for what is truly going on in the world.

The US electorate are so easily duped.


Today I saw a TV ad for an app you can buy to filter your news. Handsome middle aged actor looks concerned and says, " I used to only listen to news I agreed with." Um, I think it’s opinions we agree or disagree with. News is honest or dishonest. And any news with money to buy TV ads can safely be assumed dishonest.

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Can we somehow petition our soldiers to tell them the story of Vietnam, and Iraq?
Or are they right-wing, gung-ho warriors. Let’s at least get informed opinions of our National Guardsman and Reserves. Do they want to serve one weekend a month locally, or go off to multiple tour war?
Dying for dollars for the MIC and the New World Order?
It’s always the same game. We are forced to (call) and push our chips (all-in) for a we will or we won’t invade. Except, the government always has a rigged outcome lined up, an ace up the sleeve, a false flag, another bullshit war.


Don’t leave out Venezuela’s number one market for oil, India. They pay in rupees, no petro$ needed.

And while your point about racism is certainly an important component in this imperial warmongering, socialism is the much greater driver. Chavismo is about wealth redistribution and to stop it, the US has been on the coup and sanction train since 1989 in Venezuela.


Common Dreams, please keep the Lee Camp articles coming.


Right, but racism is a favored “divide and conquer” tool of the super-wealthy to keep us distracted and unfocused. Solidarity, anti-racism and anti-white supremacy are super important for us, to allow ourselves to see where the problems are actually coming from.


Sure, ‘divide and conquer’ based on race, religion, what have you. But US bellicosity in Venezuela is more about re-privatizing their oil industry instead of using its income to lift people out of poverty, which, under Chavez, is precisely what happened.

Yes, it’s poor dark-skinned people versus wealthy light-skinned people, as is so often the case. Yet the overarching issue is who owns and shares in Venezuela’s oil wealth.