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'We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Frightening Climate Warnings Not Frightening Enough


'We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Frightening Climate Warnings Not Frightening Enough

Jon Queally, staff writer

Offering a stark warning to the world, a new report out Monday argues that the reticence of the world's scientific community—trapped in otherwise healthy habits of caution and due diligence—to downplay the potentially irreversible and cataclysmic impacts of climate change is itself a threat that should no longer be tolerated if humanity is to be motivated to make the rapid and far-reaching transition away from fossil fuels and other emissions-generating industries.


we must start being responsible for our space. if you see trash pick it up, even if it means carrying a plastic bag with you, especially at the beach. walk when you can instead of driving, wonderful for those of us in a small town. quit leaving your car running if you or someone else isn’t in it. we have to step outside our comfort zone if we are to try to make a difference. if might be too late with the ice melting but we at least can have the satisfaction of at least trying-that some of us cared for our mother earth. we must start not acting like heathens with the i don’t care mentality, someone else will do it. how much concrete can our planet take? start asking the questions.


“Either we act with unprecedented speed,” Spratt and Dunlop conclude, “or we face a bleak future.”

We’re well past that particular either-or. Now it’s more like “a bleak future or no future”. And, as nothing substantial is actually being done, even those chances grow slimmer. The problems are not waiting for us to catch up.


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James Hansen has been putting out this message for years with no success. This is a useful report but will not change anything. There is nothing on the horizon that will create the needed sense of urgency. We have to keep plugging away and hope the most dire forecasts are wrong.


All the while the criminally moronic and terminally corrupt trump regime digs more coal, fracks and drills more oil & gas, relaxes all manner of climate regulation attempts, trashes and undermines other nations efforts, and belittles scientists and their studies and warnings…and empowers pollution and the poisonng of the entire planet! How is this malignant moron and his destroyer corporate shills not indicted for brazen corruption and criminal malfeasance?



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After signing absolutely thousands of petitions, yes I still do, it seems much like what Einstein said about doing something over and over, expecting different results…starting to seem pretty insane to me. It’s tough moving the Queen Mary with a pair of six foot oars.


As I commented in the “Times”:

And as is occurring because of this damned Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our formerly promising and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America.

As our founding fathers well understood through their deep knowledge of the classics and Roman history — the “disease of democratic Republics is EMPIRE” — and this cancerous DGCEmpire is what is killing us, our children, grand-children, and our world.

Beware not the ides of March, but this march of this metastasizing cancerous tumor of EMPIRE.

And despite my great admiration (as a former substitute history teacher) for his comment that I always used when students asked, “Mr. MacDonald, why do we have to learn about history”, and I would reply with Sanatayana’s famous conclusion: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” — but that famous quotes, unfortunately now, in the Anthropocene, needs to be updated to: “Those who cannot remember the past Empires are condemned to be gone”


yuppers… wish there were better avenues - but like you I keep slogging through organized petition and letter land and there are periodic victories. I will NEVER give up! Speak truth to power and the universe listens too. It doesn’t always speak my language, but I have more faith in it than scurrilous whatchamadoodles institutionalized in their own excrement.


Exactly. Attached is a story about the San Joaquin River in CA and the San Francisco/Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley area. The gist of the story is that a California water board is going to recommend that a supply of fresh water from the Yosemite watershed be diverted back to the river system because of a massive die-off of fish and the (still unknown) consequences.

However, there is no discussion whatsoever about CONSERVATION as the first step in this particular water crisis – which, if strict conservation measures were agreed to/imposed may make up for the supply cut-backs being discussed. Also, there is no discussion about the massive toxics involved in agribusiness.

First do no harm. What’s so hard to understand about that?

Consumption can be cut on so many levels with conservation (both personal and collective). This is true of all sectors involved in global climate change and resource “shortages”.


Once again, no mention of the true, basic, underlying cause of most of our problems - unchecked human overpopulation. A problem that has no gentile, human rights friendly solution. A problem that can only now be solved by the massive hand of “big brother”, forcing entire populations and countries to force sterilizations, abortions, and conduct world-wide fertility lotteries in the small hope that drastically, but fairly, reducing world population might prevent the mass extinction event we have begun from reaching it’s logical conclusion - the end of most of life on Earth.


These articles are so passe now. We left the safe zone back in the 1970’s. Exponential climate catastrophe is the new normal. So long homo sapiens, you’re just another failed species on the earth and you won’t be missed by all the other ones still struggling to survive.


You are of course, correct. The feed back loops are gaining speed every single day and no one hears their grinding scream.


You know, those chairs on the deck of the ship seem a little out of line. Maybe you should go straighten them out.


Just quit your car entirely. We won’t be driving in a short while anyway, and those of us still alive will wonder why we used to. Why are we still driving? Can’t we see the flames of the earth burning?


You are the blindest bat of them all. Enjoy your last months and years in our disintegrating ecology and disintegrating civilization.


Been watching this horror show come since 1970, when i was 11 years old.

Rachel Carson’s book was published in 1962, when i was three.

Today, still, every minute of every day, a big jet flies over my house to or from Sea-Tac airport, and there are thousands of such airports all over the word, and the pavement stretches for millions and millions of miles and everyone with enough money is still driving their cars to omnicide.

People actually go into stores and buy RoundUp and take it home and spray it on their own little ecosystems. We are so delusional on such a mass scale.

Barry Commoner’s First Law of Ecology, from his book The Closing Circle, published in 1971 in direct response to the fluffy pageantry of the first Earth Day in 1970:

“Everything is connected to everything else.”


Breakthrough is just a word. I choose to not become discouraged. Move beyond demoralizing words.


Yeah, the world is not burning. The oceans are not dying. The animals are not disappearing. The ecology is not dis-integrating. Mass extinction is not accelerating.

Cling to your smug, self-righteous sound-bites of dismissal, denial and delusion. They’re your only comfort.