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We Are Facing a Global Emergency in the Amazon. Here's What We Can Do

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/27/we-are-facing-global-emergency-amazon-heres-what-we-can-do

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Let’s keep the focus on the Amazon and the real threat to Life as we know it.


Let’s get real for a second: yes, there are a lot more fires compared to last year, but not that many more if you extend the comparable time frame to fires over the last 10 years. In other words, this is a long term problem, and while Bolsonaro is a jackass and making the problem worse, it predates his administration.


That themes to be the theme is a lot of demagogues today. They aren’t reinventing the wheels of our destruction but man they sure are helping to put it into high gear.

This video shows an an interesting perspective from Greenwald. Of course he goes into why Bolsanaro is a dangerous proto-fascist but he also had no love for Lula and the Worker’s party either, which he compared to the Democrats in the U.S.


And major polluters like France and Canada have the balls to wag fingers at Brazil.

Yeah, the world’s descent into climate mayhem will be marked by gold-standard hypocrisy.

Aaron Mate’ is awesome, BTW. Greenwald is a hero.


“t’s not hyperbole to say that the fate of a livable future is at stake”

Didn’t conservatives deny us a livable future already? Haven’t their religious taboos against family planning caused global overpopulation and locked in that future?

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Lots of numbers listed to crash their phone lines.


The “great acceleration” of the anthropocene started just after WWII. The last decade put it into hyperdrive; heading for a warp-speed collapse.


Witness the ‘end of the world’ in real time as we watch the planet we call home die a slow and painful death. Industrial capitalism has murdered Earth and her children. And it’s far too late to avoid a complete collapse of industrial civilization. Whether humans survive at all will depend on what’s done over the next few years and as of now it doesn’t look good at all. Sorry. Peace


Sometimes I’m accused of laying on the doomerism pretty thick, without ever offering “the solution.” There is only one solution, well exemplified by the people of Puerto Rico recently. Resistance will continue to be totally ineffective until we’re ready to hit the streets with general strikes.

“Oh, but that’ll never happen” is the response I get, along with a demand for some more practical solution, leveraging the gears of the system. What can I say? The system is geared against you, it cannot be deployed to shut itself down. The incineration of the Amazon is not an anomaly, this is the outcome we know must emerge from systematic, thoroughly monetized pillage.


The rainforest diminishes like an icecap, from the edges in, because it doesn’t naturally burn. People attack it where they can get to it. Some attacks are a two-year job, burning what was knocked down the year before. “The dry season” in the Amazon is when it’s at all possible to do this.

Like the icecap, though, its gradual disappearance changes things like precip and air currents as it approaches a threshhold. Global water-cycle dynamics get unhinged by disturbance of things as huge as the Amazon or the icecap. The threshhold is when southern hemisphere hydrodynamics are so perturbed that what’s left of the Amazon just dries up.

So you can’t go by “this isn’t that much more than what was lost in previous years” because what matters is how close that threshhold is: not so far. With the state dedicated to burning it down, it could easily be gone in a decade. Once again, like the icecap.


Thanks, Gio. I’d seen those articles.

Am miffed because the headline to the article is misleading to say the least, and the last line is a vacuous call to…to…to…what?

U r awe sum!

Your phrase “systemic monetized pillage” really tells the core truth of “what’s wrong”. Sadly too many Americans just want THEIR piece of the pillage AT ANY COST. Building real SOLIDARITY top fight on all fronts is our greatest challenge

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Actually, previous years matter in that they set the stage for right now.

You used the words "gradual’ and “in ten years” in your own rebuttal of my point.

The more important point: the Amazon is seriously at risk. Both Arctic and Amazon face such immediate threats that I don’t think it’ll take any decade (I didn’t want another controversy on an unrelated point). Only winter ice will return for awhile in the Arctic after the BOE, imho, and the Amazon is so incredibly huge. We don’t know how close the threshholds are. In the case of the Arctic, my opinion is we’ve already crossed it. Irreparably broken: an imminent fate for the Amazon.

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