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We Are Failing a Generation of Iraqi Children


We Are Failing a Generation of Iraqi Children

César Chelala

Hardly a week passes in Iraq without signs of violence leaving both children and adults with permanent physical and mental scars.


Sadly, with one in five children going hungry at some point in the year in this country and mental health care beyond the reach of much of our own population, our government has shown little interest in taking care of its own. It has no hesitation, however, to spread this indifference and disregard for human life and well-being to other countries via endless war. It remans the greatest source of destruction in the world. With the ever regressive Trump regime, things can only get worse.


Sickness apathy and abuse are glorified in today’s environment.
We are in the throes of our every social safety mechanism being burned to the ground.
We are in Iraq because a couple of people with 30000 square foot houses can have more servants.

I have no standing in court system because I am a man, and my ex can continue to abuse my daughter in the gulag she calls her home.

My daughter is kept from her social environment under threat.
The courts love this.

We are creating a nation of sick people who do not know what straight is.
The next person to get elected will probably be worse than Trump.

I thought Obama would not make it through his first term.
I believe he only lasted because he gave in to the MIC’s every demand.


The evil of the Iraq War with its invasion and conquest in 2003, continues and festers.

Why were / are officials of the Bush administration not indicted and arrested, and tried for these war crimes?


Barack Obama should be tried for crimes against humanity along with George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and every other sick politician that approved that absolutely criminal invasion of Iraq, and those who intentionally protected from prosecution those directly involved in engineering that slaughter.


The US doesn’t care about its own children. Don’t expect the US to give a damn about Iraqis.


Hey! Hey! Hey!
I care about our children!

Iraqi children? …Not so much.