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'We Are Going to Have More Deaths,' Warns Wisconsin Governor as State Supreme Court Strikes Down Stay-at-Home Order

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/we-are-going-have-more-deaths-warns-wisconsin-governor-state-supreme-court-strikes

Democrats, corporate appeasing ones who rant on about “bipartisanship” need to learn a lesson from Bram Stoker’s, Dracula: You do not play with Dracula, do not appease him, do not accept to invite him in but you drive a stake through its evil heart. This is the Tea Party goers now the heart of the GOP. Now it falls to us who give an ounce of a damn to do everything we can to remove this pestilence and drive this stake through its core. Democrats should not rest easy as you made this possible and forced it on us-grow a backbone!

I ask with Eleanor Roosevelt’s ghost:

When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?

Our thoughts and good wishes to the people of Wisconsin. Let us all do what we can to prevent human misery and its starts where we live.


Again I am reminded of Washington’s admonition against political parties in his farewell address. Pretty prescient stuff for the 18th century. That is why I remain a proud Progressive (and largely unrepresented) Independent.


Those damned conservatives, can’t live with them, could very easily, and comfortably live without them!


If a government does not protect the people who allow its existence, then it is no longer relevant… Tony’s job is to serve and protect the people. He has done his job.

What is the job of this court? Who are they serving and who are they protecting? Isn’t it rich these fake judges are working from their posh bunkers and have no problem putting bold targets on the backs of the rest of us. We are expendable, but their naked greed is an imperative.

When the executives, board members and owner classes start leading by example and working the meat packing lines of America with my brothers and sisters I will follow them. Until then, I suggest active non-participation in their self-enrichment schemes for the rest of us.


The USA has always been a culture of death. The chickens are coming home to roost.


as usual the state of the USA leaves me feeling exploited and angry


Just received my copy of Democracy in Chains, and it’s scary as hell. The move in Wisconsin is right out of the Old South Calhoun-Old South Buchanan-Midwest Koch Brothers playbook. We who are not part of their class as just slaves, meant to create more wealth for the ultra propertied class.
As for dealing with the Tea Party-Libertarian-new GOP…they’re sociopaths. No conscience. No humanity. So we isolate them like we would an infectious, deadly disease. Since they’ve packed the courts at both state and federal level with their own kind, the normal way is blocked to us. Where we go from here, in the Covid era, is civil disobedience. They can’t put us all in jail, or force us to work for them, if we grow our own food and share what we have until they’re starved out. Good people of Wisconsin, do not give in. You have good land and water still, and can grow your own food. And keep fighting for your right to vote, because that’s another goal of the Tea Party folks…
And some advice to the Dems-don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Also, if they’re using maximum martial arts means of fighting, don’t follow some good guy rules. Go as low as you can.


There are leaders and experts such as Dr. Fauci and this Wisconsin governor, who know what is going on and communicate with us as citizens with integrity. It is our obligation as citizens to do our own research fully. When the other leaders, the greedy sociopath leaders, send out a message that we know will put us in harm’s way, we must disengage from their message and do whatever is necessary to protect our health and our very lives. After all, we are good for no one if we are dead.



The Republican Party has become FASCIST and they must be removed from office. Mitch McConnell is up for re-election and we MUST support his Democratic challenger Amy McGrath.


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There will be lots of blood on the hands of those four judges. Do they care? Probably not. People’s lives are not important. In their minds, they went against that liberal democrat governor who beat their hero (Scott Walker), and like trump, are WINNING!

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Make sure you SUPPORT AMY McGRATH who is running to defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

By “active non-participation” you mean making sure Mitch McConnell’s Democratic opponent Amy McGrath wins election in November.


Hah! Not exactly, but I’m ok with ditch Moscow Mitch in any form you wish. He is a crusty scab worker for the rich. Like any good union movement deals with scabs, they need enthusiastic re-education.


Our government is so seriously under threat by right wing “wins” over more than
50 years of Americans voting on HACKABLE electronic voting machines that …

Like every thing else run by those favoring Capitalism over Human Rights this
works to create the GOP’s “Third World America.” And sadly this isn’t just about the
GOP when the DP of FDR is now controlled by corporate-fascists.

For just one example, I’ve seen “The China Syndrome” quite a number of times, but
it doesn’t hurt to have your memory refreshed as happened last week when it played
on Showtime over a few days. The members of Congress who created this catastrophe
– not only for the US, but in Japan and other nations – cannot be held responsible for
their decisions which have the potential to destroy the lives of everyone on this planet.

Global Warming is not the time to have more than 500 nuclear plants active across the
world - with 100 plus in the United States. It’s time to begin shutting down these nuclear
reactors which require ONE FULL YEAR to be shut down properly - and we are then still
left with the WASTE. People in Japan are living under a death threat from their nuclear
reactor on that earthquake-prone island.

And while the government and citizens of Fukushima did their best to try to protect their
populations when Japanese scientists began to warn of increasing numbers of earthquakes
and increasing severity by shutting down the nuclear reactors there … the US government
immediately sent a team to Fukushima and when they left the nuclear reactors were still
running but the government in Fukushima had been changed.

Just as a reminder, these nuclear reactors cannot be insured against damage of any kind –
and they are underwritten by our government making citizens responsible for any damages.
As we see in every “business,” the decisions made by Capitalists are about PROFITS for
the already wealthy and are not based on protecting workers or populations. In the movie,
some may recall that the safety of the nuclear plant became questionable when PROFITS
and GREED became the first consideration in whether or not TESTS of pumps and X-RAYS
of rods would be carried out as intended – and they weren’t. And when it became obvious
that that failure had created a very dangerous situation at the plant which would require
“shut-down” and losses – the decisions again were based in maintaining PROFITS and
avoiding valid testing and repairs.

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Should the Wisconsin governor modify his stay-at-home order so that all people whose lives are worthless no longer need to maintain social distancing from each other, but they still need to maintain social distancing from any people who want to protect their own lives?

Local governments will make the rules mostly along the same lines as the governor. Sad they must protect people from their own stupidity.

After nearly 40 years teaching self defense I absolutely have to agree with "don’t bring a knife to a gun fight’ and ESPECIALLY against sociopath/psychopathic personalities who will NEVER get ‘better’ along with their muscle. A large percentage of the working class population have always been willing to ‘enforce’ the rules written by and for the wealthy on the other half even when it is to their detriment. As long as they get something out of it, they’ll do it and if they can get paid to do it so much the better! We seen this story before, it’s an old one with our species.

Unfortunately the only ‘choice’ allowed by voters (AGAIN) is the asswipe clown of the other corporate wealthy-owned neoliberal party which is essentially…a vote for the absolute continuation of the Class War status quo with a few ‘identity’ political crumbs to try to somewhat differentiate the difference between the two choices. Those crumbs are just thrown at the servants to shut them up.

Bluntly, there is NO WAY to change the downward trajectory of this reality with the same Class of wealthy rightwingers in charge whether they have a D or R in front of their names. In essential policy they all promote the same ideology. Rule by Wealth.

But then I’m a jaded old surfer idealist who realized all was lost when disco flooded the airwaves and then the neoliberals put Reagan put in office…


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I’m an old socialist idealist who also realized all was lost when deregulation came in 1978 and then Raygun was placed in office, perfectly following the New American Century plan devised by the neolibs from University of Chicago. But I never give up. And will never give up. I show elders self defense simply by using a cane. And if I do pass on to the Spirit World from Covid-19, well, I’ll be even more dangerous.
Keep on truckin’ dude!

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