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“We Are Going to Not Allow Kinder Morgan to Finish This Pipeline”


“We Are Going to Not Allow Kinder Morgan to Finish This Pipeline”

Andy Rowell

As the clock ticks down until the May 31 deadline over the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project, which will triple the amount of tar sands being transported from Alberta to the British Columbian coast, the campaign against its expansion is spreading abroad.

Yesterday in Seattle, over 200 km south of where the pipeline hits the coast, hundreds of “kayactivists” took to the water to protest against the pipeline.


Claiming a “lack of pipeline capacity”, the fossil cartel continues to keep petrofuel in western British Columbia the highest in North America.


What is not understood here by those that claim to support the Enviornment while at the same time wishing to see this pipeline built for “economic reasons” is that the return on these massive projects takes well over 40 years to see themself manifest.

In other words if the Capitalist investor class use threats to pressure the Governments to build these things or lose jobs and that investment , they are going to use pressure to ensure OIL is used for 50+ years within our respective economies. The same Corporations will insist that The Government of Canada continue to ensure there a market for this stuff and the pipeline Companies will continue to insist this stuff fills their pipelines.

We KNOW we do not have that long to keep burning this stuff. The Liberal Government of Canada KNOWS this and the Oil majors and pipeline companies KNOW this.


Thank you Seattle!


It is not just Kinder Morgan that has it wrong. The entire fossil fuel industry is not facing reality. Global warming is going exponential. To think that we will not have done away with fossil fuels as an energy source long before 2040 or 2050 is at best naive. By this time period we will be into geo-engineering as as an effort to save our planetary environment for some 7.4 + billion people.
The sooner we put a direct tax on carbon the sooner we will begin the effort to keep earth habitable for humankind.


It is good to remember that this issue is not environmentalists against those favoring the economy.
The issue is sustainable economic supporters vs dirty energy economic supporters.
Avoiding the mislabeled, false polarization of mainstream propaganda helps to illuminate the real issue - dirty energy zealots struggling to perpetuate this authoritarian petropolitics vs pro democracy, cleaner energy ecopolitics freed from fossil fuel control.