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We Are Going to Triumph


We Are Going to Triumph

Laura Zúñiga Cáceres

On what would have been indigenous and environmental movement leader Bertha Cáceres' 45th birthday, we reproduce this letter from her daughter Laura. Cáceres was assassinated in her native Honduras just before midnight one year and one day ago. Her birthday party had already been planned.


It has always been that those with a superior ability to destroy rule over those who are simply content to create.

The technological ethos that the industrial age has created is currently considered normal, the true ascent of civilization, the epitome of human ability.

Humanity itself is left behind. Berta's christianized name, something it seems like she struggled with, is itself a mark of this.

To untangle that which matters from the quagmire that we are currently calling progress, we will have to re-establish the metrics within which we find ourselves. These are fundamental questions. These are the questions people like Berta may have asked. Laura is most definitely going to have to confront them. That is why we must rely on such people for insight, because we are too far into a world removed from these questions on an everyday basis. Just look post structural philosophy.

Stay safe, little Laura for the hounds that circled your mother are probably sniffing around you as well.

The world is looking to you.


In a just world modern technology can be a blessing. In an unjust world like ours it becomes a curse and will be our doom if we let it. We are deep in the throes of a Death civilization that has turned the humankind into the toxic filth of the planet and a deadly menace to itself and to all life . Now is the time for reckoning.