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'We Are Going to Win', Says Sanders, After New National Poll Shows Him Tied With Biden in 2020 Democratic Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/21/we-are-going-win-says-sanders-after-new-national-poll-shows-him-tied-biden-2020


Great news. Panic will now ensue among the right wing democrats.


There should be a landslide for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election! We the people will win this election, we can overcome the odds and vote out the liars , the cheats, and all the others who will try to get in our way! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Peace


So this will be a top story on all the corporate media outlets. Right?


Rachel will deliver a mind numbing 20 minute monologue on how mayo pete is “near the top” with 7%


Dog help us all–the election is still some 50 weeks off. How many more polls must we endure? What’s their methodology? How many of the current candidates will still be standing by 10/31/20, and how many new ones will have entered the fray?

The dancing-bear entertainment value far outweighs any possible gains in clarity, but the revenue stream is what really counts.


At this point in the 2008 election, Clinton had a 29 point lead over Obama.


Emerson who? I love Sanders, but I wish liberal sites would quit putting up polls nobody heard of. This gives his supporters false hope that he is at the top of ALL polls.


As little credence as I put in these early polls, I’ll nonetheless point out that that’s two national polls in a week that put Bernie tied at the top with Biden.

And no matter what the polls say, one of those two is trending upward, the other downward.
Also, the head-to-head numbers against Trump in this poll look weak as hell for Democrats.


538.org gives Emerson (a well known org) an A- (and 538 doesn’t grade on the curve.)


I for sure don’t look at ONE poll. Show me at least three that show Sanders in the lead even by not as much as this one and I’ll sleep better.


Yes, astonishingly, gobsmackingly weak. The country has gone barking.

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I have long advocated that Bernie and Liz form a blockbuster team that would be a steamroller powerhouse in 2020. They would both guarantee the progressive views that would save our democracy get heard and then be supported by a majority of Americans! Bernie might choose to serve only one term in office and then Liz would be in a great place as a sitting Veep to win after that.

By that time maybe AOC would be old enough to run!


Interesting that M4A advocates in the Democratic Party Primary and, the more progressive candidates issues in general, are close to 55-60% of " the base ". Or, the rank-and-file if you prefer, they are pretty much the historical party foundation.
These %s are slowly moving vertically and this poll doesn’t reflect progressive NAs ( Non-Affiliateds ) who could constitute 6-10% of likely Sanders/Warren/Etc.Etc. supporters. Who surely won’t be in Biden’s corner.
This poll, including the Trump matchup comparison #s, should make for some interesting table conversations over the holiday. Like, what’s the difference in practical terms ( governing ) among the political shorthand terms for, New Deal 2.0, Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists. And, who can leave out 3rd Way, right? (snark).


And IN SPITE of the 1% 's media blackout !

Bernie 2020

OK who is Emerson and are they credible?

Bernie’s confidence is exciting. As it was in 2016.

It’s unfortunate that the party he’s chosen to align himself with, exude only a small amount of that same confidence.

I only hope, that if 2020 brings the same result for Bernie, that this time, he speaks the truth about how his campaign came to an end without the party’s endorsement.

If he doesn’t, I believe his political life is over.

At least for me it will be.


Yeah, but the DNC has their backs.

Same can be said for, what I call: “Sound Bite Nite”, or…the “debate”.

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I’m pretty sure 538 is no longer that respected for its accuracy since 2016.

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AOC will be old enough to run in 2024, she turns 35 in October 2024.